THIS BLOG HAS TWO AUTHORS (It is important to point out as some readers tend to get confused ;))

#englishrosiee is a delicate flower from the United Kingdom with Sri Lankan heritage. She loves champagne, participates in all the runs around CT and is an avid explorer of the local dating scene.

#zlotybaby comes from Poland (it’s an actual country and an EU member). She loves mustard, foreign languages and thinks she’s funny. After years of avid exploration of the local dating scene, she married a man from the RS and A.

Both authors live in Cape Town and are friends in real life. They also have so much to say about relationships, dating, family and related topics that they had to set up this blog. Enjoy! (or Geniet! as the speakers of Frankenstein, I mean Afrikaans, would say).


  1. Oh I’m so glad I found this Blog! My topics are similar (I’m 50, and over in Australia, dating away plus raising a teenage son half the time). I’m looking forward to following you : ) Cheers gabrielle

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