5 ‘Cool’ Things To Do As A Fabulously Single Person This Valentine’s Day

valentines day gym

Happy Valley Rinsers. So, I know we’ve been a bit dormant on the blog lately. But we are a romance/relationship/sex type blog, and it would be sacrilegious to let this monumental day go by without any fanfare. So I thought, there would be no better time to attempt to resurrect this thing than today.

I’m not a total hater of Valentine’s Day. And I know there are plenty of worse situations than simply being single on Valentine’s Day. That said, it’s still a little bit rubbish for sure. Although, maybe not quite as bad as being a homesick orphan with no friends, or even a dog for company at Christmas.  But if you do find yourself feeling a bit bleak then here are a few things you can do to take the edge of and make getting through this somewhat torturous day a little easier.

1. Hit the Gym

OK. OK. I know not everyone is obsessed with the gym as I am (and would question wether this can be deemed as a ‘cool thing’ to do) but there are many reasons why I think this is a good place to be on Valentine’s Day.

a) You can perve on all the beautiful people and realise there is hope in the world. And if you are lucky enough get some cuddles from hot guys with nice muscles (or even the SA Rugby Capitain – #justsaying).

b) If you are raging about being alone (or at an ex for dumping you), the gym allows you to throw things around and direct all your frustrations in a positive way.

c) The endorphins that you get from even a 30 minute workout will make you that little bit happier.

d) Last but not least, the most important reason of them all. Working out (doesn’t strictly have to be the gym – go for a run, hot yoga session or whatevs) gives you licence to smash loads of good food into your fat face without feeling overly guilty!

2. Throw A Galentines/ Anti-Valley Day Party

So I’m not a fan of artificial divisions of the sexes (and we aren’t allowed to assign gender these days, I think) so Galentines might be out. As much as you might feel that you are the last single girl/guy standing, the truth is you are not. So get together with all the single people/animals you know and throw an Anti-Valentine’s day shindig. You can all out like the chick in Valentine’s Day – ban all the soppy stuff and get a pinata for people to bash. Alternatively, just go out and smash some disco fries into your face (food is important. Always).

3. Do Something Your Ex Hated

Valentine’s Day is especially hard if you’ve just come out of a relationship. But turn that frown upside down and try to look on the bright side. Even the best couples have their differences and pet peeves. So think of something you love, but your ex hated. Did they roll their eyes every time you blasted your favourite Taylor Swift tune? Did they object to your wearing short shorts or lounging around in activewear? Would they vomit at the thought of dating a girl with purple hair (despite the fact that she’s a freaking UNICORN)? Well, whatever it was. Use Valentine’s Day to celebrate you new found freedom by doing exactly that.

4. Have Your Cake and Eat It Too (NO SHARING ALLOWED) 

What did I say about food being a central feature is all things cool. Well the great thing about being single is that you don’t need to share your food. So be sure to order your favourite dessert (with just one spoon) and enjoy every last mouthful. Alternatively, order a dozen Krispy Kremes and spread some love at your office. Being the most popular girl in the world, even just for a day will certainly do wonders in terms of an ego boost, if nothing else.

5. Have a Digital Detox 

If none of the above is possible or appeals to you then a good way to avoid the Valley Day Blues, one significant way to lessen the blow is to use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse for a digital detox.

Honestly, the internet is a miserable place on the best of days. If it isn’t Trump and Boris causing mass havoc, it’ll be some story about a puppy dying. But there is probably a bit of a Facebook whore in each and everyone of us, so completely removing yourself from social media is probably easier said than done. But baby steps…

There is probably no better place to be a smug (un/married) couple than on social media, so if you are a single person looking to avoid all the vom-in-your-mouth declarations of happily ever after, make a concerted effort to unplug and stay away from those social media accounts.

Whether your single, loved up, married, divorced or whatever remember Valentine’s Day is just a day. Sure, just like Xmas everyone and their dog seem to make a big deal of it. But today is just a normal FRIYAY, and honestly, do you need any better reason to celebrate. If you want to make grand gestures, wallow in self-pity,  party with your besties, hang out with your abusive boyfriend AKA (the) gym or indulge in donuts (my personal fave) do whatever makes you happy but also realise that tomorrow is the weekend and everything will go back to normal.

Alrighty Rinsers, it’s been FOREVER and then some so indulge me and make a still (?!) single #englishrosiee very happy this Valentine’s Day by talking to me in the comments below. What are your plans for Valentine’s? Are you loved up or happily alone? Any other ideas for good things single people can do this Friday 😉 ? Mwah. Loads of LOVE, cupcakes and puppy dogs to y’all!






  1. I imagine that it takes a bit of time to put up quality posts consistently so I can understand getting a bit burnt out, for sure! The only reason I post so consistently is that 2 out of 3 of my posts are always off-the-cuff rants. Those are easy!

    I’ve been on a digital detox, myself. Stopped using Twitter, deleted all my dating profiles, and I don’t even text unless absolutely necessary. I just don’t feel good about myself when I use social media. I’m the kind of person who takes negativity to heart and I don’t think anybody has ever said anything positive to me on Twitter.

    Valentines day should be a sore spot for me, having been completely dateless for 5 years now, but I mostly ignore it. Your first tip is the one I’ve used to take my mind off of LIFE. Haha. I’m back into a pretty regular gym routine and it just helps one feel good about themselves. Like, even if I spend the rest of my life single, at least I can make all the fat, bald husbands out there jealous. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Well done on your #gymlife. I agree being single is no reason on giving up on looking good or being social (maybe I’m the only person who goes to the gym to socialise! LOL.). But again, it’s nice to keep things relatively normal on these sort of Hallmark days. For me, gym is part of that.

      I’m also a bit burnt out from dating. Partly, thanks to a run of dud dates and non-starters but also because I’m in a bit of limbo in terms of my life right now – busy preparing to repatriate back to the UK so not really the best time to find anything meaningful. That said, I’ve got an irrational fear of life as a sad spinster so I’ll keep my dating profiles active and hope that maybe one day the right fish will bite 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was talking to three women split between Tinder and OkCupid last week but they all spectacularly blew up over the weekend, and I am actually quite happy they did. I wasn’t realistically interested in any of them, I was just lonely. I ignored a LOT of red flags early on in our conversations and they all came to a head pretty much at the same instant.

        I wish I had the guts to be social at the gym… maybe once I start going to REAL gym again. I go to Planet Fitness right now; I don’t know if they have those in SA or the UK but they’re basically just places where fat people go to take selfies in the mirror to prove they are working out.

        Are you excited to move back to the UK? That’s on my to-do list. I watch a lot of British TV so I figure I should go there some day, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I know the feeling. Sometimes I’m quite happy on a hiatus from the apps and then suddenly the fear of dying alone takes over and I’m back swiping or going on some mediocre date. But breaks from dating are good. Just don’t get too comfortable.

        Hahahahaha! You are so mean, I like it. I find if you end up going to the gym at the same time or do certain classes, people are friendly. But maybe that is just South Africa….god knows what things will be like in the UK.

        Hmm…I have mixed feelings about moving back. I love much of my life here – I am comfortable, independent and I have space to do whatever. BUT I’m a bit stuck career wise. I think a fresh start will be good. Still its scary. I haven’t secured a job yet which is my main worry. But I’m trying to be positive about it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol I am definitely learning that it’s more beneficial to be honest in my opinions of other people instead of trying to make everyone happy.

        I don’t know what the job market in the UK is like but I’m sure you’ll find something, you seem like a driven and intelligent woman. I’d move there in a heartbeat but I know the current climate is not conducive to immigration. XD

        Liked by 1 person

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