Series Review : Crazy Ex Girlfriend



What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for LOVE? Once upon a time I threw caution to the wind and traveled to the other side of the world. On another occasion,  I learnt to do a push-up burpee. Then there was the time, I introduced a ‘unicorn’ to four generations of my family. Some may call me UNHINGED, but I say YOLO! And to quote Lewis Caroll : ‘IN THE END… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.” So yup, I’m no stranger to crazy in love. And although it’s been about for a while, I only just discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which has become my most recent Netflix obsession.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a musical-comedy series which follows the story of Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom). A 20-something chick (part over-achieving lawyer/ part airy fairy girl who lives in a musical world) who is willing to go the extra mile (well, actually however many miles it is between New York and West Covina, California) to be with the man she loves (even though he doesn’t quite love her back in the same way!).

So, let me start from the beginning. Rebecca and Josh first met as teenagers at summer camp. Although, viewers are not privy to the minutiae of their relationship, we can gather (well, at least from Rebecca’s side of the story) that it was everything you could wish for from an epic summer romance. But as with all things seasonal, it had to come to an end as the pair of young lovers part ways at the end of the summer and head back to their respective homes. As they grow up, they naturally grow apart. Josh gets back together with his slightly air-headed, but pretty girlfriend, Valencia and Rebecca, well it seems that though she throws herself into her studies/job, she never fully gets over her bit of summer lovin’.

Fast forward a decade or so, Rebecca has made it in life. Harvard law degree, fancy pants apartment in Manhattan and she is just about to become partner at a prestigious law firm in New York. But something is missing. And after a chance meeting with her former childhood sweetheart, Josh, our protagonist has a light bulb moment. Shock! Horror! Romantic love is what’s missing from her otherwise great life. And just like that, she packs it all in, turns down the promotion she has been waiting for and heads off to West Covina, California (where Josh just happens to live).

Sound crazy? Well, we are just getting started. What ensues is basically a laugh a minute comedy of errors as Rebecca relocates in the name of love.  Naturally, Rebecca doesn’t struggle to get a job and she makes a new work bestie, Paula, whose extraordinary stalking skills certainly have an impact in egging on Rebecca’s antics. She dates one of Josh’s alcoholic best mates. She is embraced by his family. And weirdly, even takes up yoga to get in with Valencia (keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, I suppose). Add to that a whole host of sub-plots and you’ve got yourself some great entertainment.

Overall, I’d say that Crazy Ex Girlfriend has all the elements of a great rom-com. The musical element of it is also pretty cool. But I think part of the shows appeal (and probably why it won a whole bunch awards including Emmy’s, Golden Globes, etc) is that once your scratch the funny-haha surface of the whole thing, there is just this chick who is a bit lost and lonely, just looking for signs from the universe that’ll help her sort out her life. I suppose we’ve all probably been there at some point in our lives. But thankfully, as is the way with all things musical (yes, I know there are people out there that think musicals are the devil’s work) the series never allows you to fall into the abyss of self-pity because just as things start to get to bleak, they tend to burst into song which serves to liven things up.

In all fairness, it’s nothing monumental but considering the some of the trash TV around at the moment, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is at least a lot of fun. It also has a degree of substance to it which allows viewers to identify with the characters on some level. I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of rom-coms and musicals. It’s a slightly more grown up version of Glee. And if you’ve seen Book of Mormon, you’ll love the un-PC nature of the songs. Do yourself a favour and watch it, if you haven’t already. In any case, I’ll be taking comfort in the fact that there is someone in the world that is possibly crazier than me when it comes to matters of the heart as I binge-watch the other 4 seasons.

Rinsers, Have you watch Crazy-Ex Girlfriend? Did you like the series or did you think it was cheesy? And what is the craziest thing you’ve done for love? Did you bold move work in your favour? Or do you just cringe when you look back? Share your stories in the comments below.  



  1. This would be a great idea for an interview series, actually. It would be fascinating to know why “crazy” ex-girlfriends (and even boyfriends, I’ve been one) did what they did! People brush them off as just insane, and some of them are to be sure, but more often it’s because they feel so strongly for the other person they just can’t let go.

    Like you, I once moved long-distance for a significant other. It was my very first girlfriend, we had broken up but stayed in touch (I’ve remained friends with most of my exes and I’m still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing!). She moved to Savannah, Georgia to attend art school with another friend of mine and after a few months invited me to come to visit.

    I hopped on a Greyhound bus immediately and sat through the two day trip through Amish country and some of the most dangerous towns I’ve ever been in, all because I thought that I was in love and that I could make her “fall back in love with me”. My two-week visit turned into me living with her and our mutual friend for three years. In my defense, she kept me engaged by actually dating me again several times! It was agony, though, to live with someone you felt you were destined to be with and watch her date terrible guy after terrible guy, only to use you as her rebound when they inevitably broke up. That’s just MY perspective though and I’m sure hers is different.

    That was a crazy period in my life and I could write a whole book just on the things that happened there. Overall, I’m grateful that it happened because it was what made me realize how easy it is to just pick up and move across the country. Without that experience, I probably wouldn’t have seen as much of the world as I have!

    We don’t really stay in touch anymore. Our lives went on in completely different directions. She’s a successful indie entrepreneur and artist, I work the 9-5 grind for the government. I still sometimes fondly think about our relationship (especially during long bouts of singlehood!) but understand now that it’s over.

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    • To be fair, all the stories of travelling across the country to be with someone you love are quite sweet. Its when you actually deal with the reality of what happened when you got there, you see how crazy you were. And for me, that was crazy in a bad way, not in a cute way.

      I think this story does also show you that ugly side of crazy (she has lots of actual psychological issues she has to deal with), he isn’t such a stable guy himself, she yoyos between him and his alchy friend….all part of the ugly side of crazy!

      But as crazy and unhinged as it may seem, do you ever regret any of it? It seems you learnt something from the experience and you guys are still friends. I’m glad I made a crazy bold move for love. At least I have a story to tell, which makes my life interesting. It wasn’t all bad. We had our fun times. If I’d not done the crazy move…I’d likely have been at home, living with my folks and still being a virgin. 😛

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      • I used to regret it but I learned a few years ago that everything that happened in my life had a purpose. Not a supernatural plan or anything like that, but it made me who I am. I learned to travel because of that decision and I made a lot of friends I’d have never met. Net positive.

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  2. The craziest thing I’ve ever done for LOVE (or what I thought was LOVE back then) was deciding to take a train to Rome when a volcano exploded and stopped air traffic in Europe for a whole week. After many adventures the trip ended up being 50 hours long. The funniest thing? The guy I did it for was initially super excited that I was still coming and offered me to stay with him instead of my hotel. Then the closer to Rome I was getting, the more cold his feet were getting. Somewhere 30 hours into my trip, he withdrew his accommodation offer. When I got to Rome he kept ditching me by coming up with weirder and weirder excuses. We never ended up meeting up. I met my next Italian boyfriend, though, when exploring Rome on my own (the super date guy) 😀

    Re the series – I wholeheartedly hated it (so much I started to write a hate review about it, I seem to have trashed). I think that the main character being such an absolute delusional idiot in love is actually not too uncommon among successful women. I think it’s one thing to be a bit crazy in love and another to move your life around for a high school flame who’s in a relationship and doesn’t care about you. She was irritating me so much I wanted to throw things at my TV.
    I love musicals and I liked the idea of crazy songs but I thought the songs in the series just weren’t good. I’ve managed to watch 2 episodes, I think.

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  3. I wish you’d stuck with it for more than 2 epis. It did take a while to get going but yesterday I was on the second season and she was singing a song about PERIOD SEX.

    I think at first the series made it look easy for her to make the move but as the series progresses they show how she gets a few reality checks, now and again. As I said, I thought it strikes a good balance between addressing some more serious issues and then taking the edge off by bursting it to song. Also, while she does initially make this stupid move for a guy….there does seem to be some good things to come out of it for her. She has to do a lot of self-discovery and she makes some solid friendships, clearly what she lacked in her workaholic life back in New York.

    I agree, most of the real-life stories I hear about these crazy bold moves, tend to be made by women rather than men. I think a lot of us are just more starry-eyed about this whole love thing. I mean, there are days where I think there is one potential person who I’d love to have realise the error of his ways and land on my doorstep. If such a thing were to ever happen, I would probably faint and say all is forgiven, throw myself into his arms and live happily ever after. As for Josh, in this series, even after he realises how much Rebecca loves him, he doesn’t really seem to get her actions as ‘romantic’, he is still like 10 steps behind.

    I’ll keep watching. Apparently, all the feminists loved the series. Not quite sure why. Maybe all will be revealed as the seasons go on.


  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing this video as I am on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend spree. I just delivered a speech to the college students on mental health using the songs of CXG.
    I am also a mental health advocate and a CXG stan. I am so thankful this show was ever made. I am also glad to find you here.
    I just posted the first part of my speech titled The situation is a lot more nuanced than that. Here it is:
    I hope you like this speech of mine and I hope that we follow each other because I will post the rest of my speech. It’s my honor to be surrounded with likeminded people/CXG junkies like you! Been looking for resources and podcasts, so thank you!

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