Living In Sin – Maybe It’s the One Thing Boris Johnson Will Do Right As Prime Minister?



We generally try to stay out of politics here at #rinsebeforeuse. Tinder is grim enough as it is without us having to delve into a world where Trump and BoJo rule supreme. It really is a state of affairs when the future of your country lies in the hands of the  bumbling buffoon that is Boris Johnson but you take comfort knowing that things could be worse, and at least this fool will provide some LOLs if nothing else. There is no doubt, considering his track record and severe case of foot-in-mouth disease, the DUDE will certainly be causing mass destruction as Prime Minister. But today here on Rinse, I’d like to focus on the positive and look at one thing that Boris may potentially be doing right as Blighty’s fearless leader.

Of all the things to get your knickers in a twist about when it comes to British politics,  the media seem to be fixated on the important matter of BoJo’s love life. It seems that thanks to his usual antics, including rugby tackling small children, writing poetry about foreign dignitaries having sex with goats and generally being rude and offensive, the world, it seems, has never stopped to consider whether it was possible that Boris was getting any good loving at home. I am happy to report, that (although this may come as a surprise when one considers his ‘stunning’ good looks and charm) Boris is not a 50-Something Virgin. In fact, quite the opposite, turns out this DUDE has quite the colorful romantic history. No doubt, like his other Posh Tory jerk mates, he probably got up to no good with farmyard animals during his time at Oxford University. He has been married and divorced once before. He is currently busy divorcing his second wife. Somewhere along the line he managed to spawn a fair few heirs to the throne. And to top it all off, he is currently dating Carrie Symonds who is more than 20 years his junior!

It all sounds like great fodder for an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show now, doesn’t it? Anyway, turns out Boris has already made history as the first PM to walk into No.10 Downing Street on his lonesome without a spouse or kids in tow and now we just wait to see if young Carrie will be asked to move in with him (update: it’s official! She has now moved in). Apparently, they’ve already been living in sin for a while (and having domestic disputes for their neighbours entertainment) so it makes sense that she’ll move in again, which will then make them first unmarried residents of No.10. Shock, Horror! I’m sure our beloved Team God will have a lot to say about this. But let’s be real, it’ll be a reflection of modern day relationships and there are plenty of reasons living in sin makes sense and everyone should do it at least once in their lives. Welcome to the 21st Century. Here goes.

Living in Sin Makes Practical Sense

We are all busy people. Work, friends, family, gym, yoga, Tinder dates, etc. And then you finally meet someone you are vaguely interested in and you have to find time to fit them into your hectic schedule. There comes a point when you kinda just want to be with the other person without making a huge event of it. I’m not saying quality time and making an effort isn’t important but its equally good to simply be in the same space sometimes (as long as your don’t become complacent about it).

Sure, ‘sleepovers’ are fun for a bit but there comes a time when packing an overnight bag gets old (I struggle to deal with packing for gym!) so eventually people need to bite the bullet, take the plunge and merge their happy homes. And imagine what a nightmare it would be coming and going unnoticed from No.10. Dirty Stop Out!

Sure, the act of relocating, amalgamating your stuff, finding space for someone else in your living quarters will certainly come with its difficulties to begin with but in the long-run it’ll save you a bunch logistical nightmares in the long-term.

And Financial Sense

Not that it is likely to be much of a consideration for the Prime Minister but for the rest of us mere plebs living in sin comes with financial benefits too. Moving in with a romantic partner allows you to save on rent, utilities, groceries etc with the added bonus of free snuggles (which also equates to lower heating costs). And unlike a regular housemate or Air BnB guest, hopefully now you’ll be living with someone you look forward to coming home to every night rather than someone you purely tolerate as a necessary evil! Yay for adulting.

Although, I doubt Boris is much of a handy type having a bloke around also has other financial benefits. For instance, you now have resident a handy man and no longer need to call in the cavalry to change light bulbs, do some gardening or drill holes in the walls. Yeah, yeah I know the feminazis will tell me to empower myself by taking a DIY course but I doubt anyone would be complaining when even just a Tinder ‘house call; sets up your complicated sound system or fixes the plug on your coffee machine.

Beyond the savings you’ll make on such labour costs, you can also consider the security element. Sure, crime isn’t such a concern in first world GREAT Britain, but here in deepest darkest South Africa having a bloke with BIG MAN muscles around is great for scaring off bad hombres. Surely, it should reduce you home insurance fees the same way getting a dog does?

It is good practice for marriage

People are already speculating about Boris’ third marriage and if he does marry Carrie, it’ll make him the first British PM to get married while in power (and perhaps that’ll mean a public holiday for his loyal subjects! Yay!). In any case, cohabiting with a partner gives you a real taste of what the future holds before you sign on the dotted line. When you are living in sin it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid the bad stuff. Can you really deal with seeing your other half with no make up on? Or the constant sight their dirty underwear being strewn all over the place? How about their bad moods? Is this really the person you want to spend your #happilyeverafter with?

Well, if you don’t know the answers to all these questions living in sin will be sure to provide the necessary insights and help you realise how much of this person you can deal with. There are bound to be teething issues (hopefully there’ll be no need to call the police to rectify those) but you’ll either find a workable middle ground or not. But surely, it’s better to find out at this stage rather than waiting till you are formally married and there is a shit tonne of paperwork involved. Remember getting out of shared lease is one thing but navigating a divorce (as I’m sure the PM will tell you) is bound to be a bureaucratic nightmare and certainly something Boris can do without, especially considering he’ll have Brexit on his plate!

And Just Life In General

Of course not everyone’s idea of #happilyeverafter involves an inappropriately expensive white dress and an epic party for 5000 relatives you couldn’t give two hoots about. Regardless of whether or not you intend on formally tying the knot, living with a significant other provides excellent life lessons which are useful no matter what the universe has in store for you.

Living with a romantic partner has a very different dynamic to other forms of human cohabitation such as living with the olds, living in university digs or having a housemate. If you’ve encountered someone who has never lived with someone they’ve been in a relationship by a certain age, you’ll likely find that they’ll struggle to take this all-important step. The older we get, the more stuck in our ways we become and the less willing we tend to be when it comes to accommodating another human into our life.

I can only speak from my personal experience but the fact that I’ve previously lived in sin with a significant other means that I am not averse to doing it again. I am fully aware of the challenges it’ll pose, but also of the many benefits that come with it. But having dealt with many an eternal-bachelor, I’ve seen first-hand how those who’ve lived such a solitary existence really battle with  the prospect of having to permanently share their space with another human. And that really doesn’t bode well for their romantic future, now does it?

So all in all, I don’t have high hopes for the future of British politics. I’m sure our new PM will continue to do a lot of things wrong, inflict huge embarrassment on a great nation and generally provide a few LOLs which we’ll need to lift our in spirits after Brexit. However,  it also looks like he’ll be shaking things up a little at No.10 and subsequently showing all these old fogies and god botherers about modern romantic relations and how living in sin is the way forward on more levels than one.

What are your thoughts about living in sin, Dear Rinsers? Is it a good thing? Or something utterly vulgar? Have you ever cohabited with a significant other? What did you learn from the experience? And do you think people who get to their late 30s/40s without having lived in sin miss out of a big life lesson and struggle with future relationships? Finally, do you think Boris moving his girlfriend is a good thing in that it is a reflection of real life or is it just another way that he is making a mockery of UK politics?  Go wild in the comments section below.  





  1. I apologize this is longer than I intended but it’s 7AM, I’m at work an hour early, and I have nothing to do besides read your blog. Lol

    “at least this fool will provide some LOLs if nothing else.”

    As an American, this is a very familiar sentiment! It wears on you, though, after almost four years. Eventually, you realize that your country’s government being a great comedy sitcom is kind of depressing. I have faith that things will get better, not only in America but in the rest of the world. Every once in awhile those of us who are rational get complacent and need a kick in the pants to be reminded of why we vote and speak up. It’s at least a little reassuring to know that our president hasn’t been allowed to do the more insane things he’s wanted to do. The government, more or less, still works (as much as it ever did anyway!)

    I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I don’t know anything about Boris Johnson apart from what I’ve just read here. I try to be semi-informed about what goes on in the world but it’s difficult because I avoid the news like Ebola and I don’t use Twitter. I am in the middle of reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau and today I stumbled upon a great quote, which I had to take a moment to Google so I forget where I was going with this… oh yes!

    “All sensuality is one, though it takes many forms; all purity is one. It is the same whether a man eat, or drink, or cohabit, or sleep sensually. They are but one appetite, and we only need to see a person do any one of these things to know how great a sensualist he is.”

    I think it speaks to why we always find that when you discover one “sin” in a leader, there is usually a cascade of others. One isn’t simply a cheater or pervert, those things are just one side of a personality that includes lying, stealing, abuse, etc. Cowards, basically.

    Our leaders are cowards, and that is awesome.

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    • Don’t worry! We love long comments here 🙂

      So there is a lot we could sit a criticize Boris about. But for the purposes of this post, I think its good that a British PM is reflecting a modern day reality. Brit politics is known for being full of old, white, posh men (all of which Boris is) that probably think they are better than the rest of the plebs they rule over. Things are changing, very slowly. Although we are probably way behind other more progressive systems. In any case, maybe this is a good example to the people – if Boris had done this with his two previous wives maybe he wouldn’t have two divorces under his belt. Maybe the whole ‘living in sin’ would actually make him a better person rather than being one of his many bad qualities, as the quote insinuates. As he is elderly, if you think about it, it would have been likely to be harder for him to live in sin back then, whereas now its the norm for most Brits. This story and the commentary about his personal life also shows that these posh people with all there public school education and fancy universities are really not that much different to the common chav (the equivalent of red necks/ trailer trash in the USA) – all the similar problems – multiple marriages, divorces, loads of kids, etc, etc.

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      • I didn’t think about it from that perspective, thank you. I think you’re right that it’s good to have a reflection of the modern day state of the country. Maybe we hold politicians to too high of a standard? (don’t get me wrong Donald and Boris are still idiots). For example, politicians can never admit they were wrong about something. They have to have all of the right answers from day one no matter what new evidence comes about. That’s just not realistic but it’s how we view people, I guess.

        Sin, to me, is just a list of traits and actions that someone arbitrarily decided make a person “bad” but often have no bearing on reality. Not many people are genuinely bad people; everything they do is for a reason. Living with your girlfriend or boyfriend certainly isn’t a criminal act and I’ve done it myself plenty of times. People just wanted others to marry young and stay married to one person forever for… reasons?

        And thanks to British rapper Plan B, I do know what a chav is, lmao. Gosh I’m so cultured!


  2. I was in a rush to end the post and I forgot to clarify, I don’t think that living with a romantic partner outside of marriage is a bad thing, nor do I even really believe in sin, I just found the quote interesting. Lol

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    • Ahhh SORRY ! I already responded to your previous comment before I saw this. I actually think it is a good thing to live with a romantic partner before getting married. I would encourage regardless of whether you end up together or not in the end. I have no clues as to why people would think it is better/proper to wait till you are married to live together….I’m not saying it can’t work. I just think this is a good way of testing the waters.

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      • Totes agree with you there! You really see another side to the person. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an ugly side but there’ll be problems that need addressing and I’m sure it makes sense to have those sorted or at least out in the open before you’ve walked down the aisle.

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  3. An interesting post. I like rule breakers! I was happy for Prince Harry to shake things up by marrying a commoner and an actress (Shock! Horror!) too. I think people must get over the fact that cohabitation before or instead of marriage is a thing.
    I can even somewhat understand why team God has a problem with it (it’s forbotten!) but people who are not particularly religious and oppose it are more of a surprise to me. An older generation may feel upset because they feel they didn’t have similar choices and had to marry their first partner.
    I remember a similar discussion in Poland when an old bachelor became PM and people were outraged that he won’t have a plus one to take to fancy diplomatic parties and anyone to travel with. I’m not a fan of the man or his party but I thought this particular argument against him was just a sign of bigotry.


    • As a man of some standing, I’m sure the Polish PM would have managed to find a plus one (I mean even Boris managed to get his hands on a bit of young meat!) its just that they wouldn’t have been married.

      At least the bigots can be happy that she is also posh and privileged though. It’s not like he is tarnishing No.10 by bringing in an ethnic minority or a chav, they’d lose their minds if he went that far.

      And I’ve always loved Prince Harry for being a reflection of reality since the time he dressed up as a Nazi at university. Sure, it’s bad and un-PC but its a common thing at these university socials to do such things (I once dressed up as a chav with baby made from an orange!)…and I think a lot of people of a certain generation would relate. I think Boris ‘living in sin’ will also make him a little more relate-able (a god knows the Brit public need something they can identify with him on).

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      • Well, his romantic life remains a mystery. No one has ever seen him with any woman…or man. Just cats.

        Forgive me my ignorance but is BJ himself posh? I thought he was “a man of the people” type?

        Yeah, I don’t see how people can’t have “they’re young” filter on for a faux-pas from uni. Soon they’ll start crucifying toddlers for telling old people not to kiss them or fat people they’re fat…


      • Totally posh! He rides a bike sometimes which may give the impression he is a pleb but he isn’t really – typical Tory jerk!

        Maybe you are thinking of Jermey Corbyn. Just as irritating in his own way, but claims to fight for the people. Brit politics to really sad state of affairs.

        Yeah, I think at least old people and children should be allowed to have less of a filter….let them say it as it is.

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      • Well, it’s more that he looks like Simple Jack? But I guess don’t judge the book by the cover…

        No, no, I was basing it purely on his looks. All I really know about him is that he’s not that clever and he’s bad news and that’s from…memes!
        Like our reader who commented before me I’v been avoiding reading the news! I started somewhere around Brexit. The world depresses me too much.


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  4. I’m beginning to think that Boris can’t actually be that thick. He went to Oxford and before getting into politics he was semi-successful journalist. Obviously, he is privileged but there of plenty of privileged people that are thicker from an academic perspective (e.g. I think both Charles and Harry failed/almost failed matric). So compared to most Tinder guys I date, Boris has good academic credentials. I do think he has smart PR people (including his new squeeze) that have created this bumbling buffoon image for him – his says stupid shit and it goes viral! Still, not the greatest image when you are representing a country.


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