Netflix Cheating And Why it Matters Not To (Overly) Indulge In It

netflix_logoDid you know that Netflix cheating was a thing? I actually googled it because I was curious whether other people felt tempted to keep watching a series they watch with their partner when the said partner is away. It turned out that it’s not only a social phenomenon, just like Netflix and chill, but also one that’s important enough for The Guardian to write about. Jokes aside it can actually cause you some real problems!

It IS about trust

As the Guardian journalist points out in his humorous article, it’s a matter of trust. Sure, your longterm relationship will survive if you watch an episode or two without your partner and it’s nowhere close to actual cheating. On the other hand, you did agree on doing that thing together and it is a small breach of trust not to respect it.
That’s exactly why it feels a bit iffy both to break this agreement and have someone do it to you. I have not seen any studies into whether repetitive Netflix cheating leads anywhere else but my guess would be it can. I’m reading this amazing book called “Mistakes Were Made. But Not By Me.” and it has a whole chapter discussing how everything bad starts with a small thing. In other words, once we justify a tiny transgression it’s much easier to do the same for a bigger one.

We All Have Limited Time

People are really busy these days. Some juggle careers and children, others careers and vibrant social lives, some are simply workaholics others never sober. Whatever your case, time is more precious than ever so it’s important to spend it wisely.
As I’ve expressed in my post about quality time you spend with your partner, I don’t think that Netflix is always the perfect entertainment for the evening. However, on some nights it’s exactly what we need. After an exhausting day, particularly in winter, I find there’s nothing nicer than cuddling on a couch with your loved one while indulging in a good TV show.
If you watch some episodes of what you guys are currently watching on your own, you’ll have to watch it again with your partner. This, depending on a particular series, may be boring. With so much to watch, read, see and do and so little time nobody has time to do that!

Some Things Can’t Be Faked

When you’re watching a series you’re really enjoying with your partner, you’re going through an experience together. It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s disgusting. Whatever it is, you’re finding out about it together as you’re watching. However, if you watch ahead it’s just not the same.
When you see people having sex on the screen and you know (but they don’t!) that they’re aunt and nephew it’s genuinely shocking. You’re likely to react to it somehow and in a genuine way. Sure, even if you already know it’ll happen you can fake your gasp but like in the case of faking it with the big O, they may know it and it’ll make them feel not better but worst about the truth.

People Can Take It Seriously

I must admit that I did laugh when I read that according to one study 25% of people think that when a partner watches a show behind your back, it’s worse than sending a flirty message to someone else than their partner. Some of the results are quite scary because 16% of people in the same study said that it’s worth to take a day off to find out what’ll happen in the series behind their partner’s back (I told you so – a lie chases a lie!)… If you want to learn more about stats on this issue visit the website of NetflixCheating.
As you can see some people do seem to take TV watching very seriously so make sure that your partner is not one of them before you indulge in such TV infidelity.

There’s Always A Solution

If you can’t stop yourself and it’s becoming an issue with your partner, try to find a solution. When plus minus two years ago I was struggling with hectic sleeplessness I found my own TV shows to binge on (including the first season of 13 Reasons Why) and that’s what I watched in the middle of the night to my husband’s horror.
If your TV preferences are 100% aligned and there’s absolutely nothing you can watch when you have time and your partner doesn’t you can always invest in technology. Soon you’ll be able to buy Cornetto’s Commitment Rings. This device will make it impossible for you to watch certain series without the person wearing the other ring being close to you…

As much as the topic seems light, even TV watching is a sign of your general commitment to certain values in your relationship such as honesty. It’s not the worst crime in the world to see the finale of a particularly exciting series but if you did, just tell your partner about it. Don’t make keeping secrets a habit because you don’t know where it may lead you.

A personal note to my husband: Don’t worry, I’ve resisted the temptation, I haven’t Netflix cheated and watched any more episodes of Big Little Lies nor The Handmaid’s Tale.

Have you ever indulged in Netflix cheating, Dear Rinser? Do you think it’s a big thing? Let me know your thoughts!





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