The Royal Wedding AKA Hey, It’s Me Complaining About the Royalty Again

royal wedding

“Have you watched the Royal wedding?” People ask. “No,” I reply and politely don’t add “Why did you?/Should I?”. I expressed my views about the Royals on this blog before but let me quickly summarize them for you:

  1. I don’t think some people are better than others just because of the family in which they were born. The world makes it very unfair as it is for many people around the world who are born in all sorts of circumstances that make their life difficult. From zero to hero is a myth we like to believe and a statistical anomaly. Life is hard as it is. Archaic concepts such as monarchy make it even more unequal.
  2. Seeing that I don’t believe that the Royals are any better than commoners just because of who their parents are, I don’t understand the ado about them. Fair enough the Queen who has a job is salaried but the rest of them? I also don’t understand why British taxpayers pay for their lavish weddings (or why people need lavish weddings at all).

The core of my disinterest in the Royal Wedding lies my 1) dislike for people’s alleged superiority and a little bit 2) the trend of splurging on weddings in general.

Now, when it comes to watching weddings I’m not particularly interested in any apart from those of people close to my heart. I don’t know Meghan Markle and I don’t know Prince Harry (do you?). I’d perhaps be more interested in a wedding of someone famous who I admire for their achievements. Sure, I’ve indulged in reading some gossip about them. Markle has definitely won some affection from my side for being a rule breaker, ignoring the haters and getting what she wanted. I even Googled Markle’s dress because she’s gorgeous and I was curious how she would like on her wedding day. However, to spend a few hours of my precious lifetime to watch two absolute strangers tying the knot seems ludicrous. Of course, everyone is allowed to waste their time as they wish and I don’t feel in any way superior because I binged on the second season of “13 Reasons Why” instead. Still, apart from them being absolute strangers, they also represent something that in principle I’m opposed to. I’m actually curious why people do watch or care about this wedding at all? Especially people who are not even British? Perhaps those that do can tell me in the comments section.

On the top of all I’ve mentioned, there’s of course all the stuff that Markle can and can’t do now to be considered lady-like. Because, yes, this obsolete institution called Royalty is not only elitist but also sexist. The rules are pretty conservative for men, of course, but I don’t remember reading anywhere about the fact that men have to cover their cleavage, among other things. It does anger me when anyone tells a woman what to wear, even if that person is the Queen of England. If you really think about what being a princess means, I don’t think most women would like to be one. You can’t work, you can’t decide what you wear, you can’t even openly express yourself or own a social media account. Even your husband and children aren’t truly yours to enjoy in peace and your pain such as childbirth doesn’t get the much needed privacy. It seems like quite a big price to pay for a free wedding, even if it’s straight from a fairy tale. Anyway, I do wish the Royal couple all the best just like I’d wish any other couple after their big day.



  1. I didn’t watch the wedding, nor was I that interested in it either. My mom on the other hand… she called me early Saturday morning (waking me up) asking if I was watching and gushing at how in love the 2 appeared to be and how beautiful everything was. For those that were/are into royal weddings, I believe they look at them as more of a modern day fairy tale come to life. Good for them I suppose, but I agree with you: they shouldn’t use tax moneys to pay for an event that citizens are not allowed to participate in. I heard last week that the royal family spent over $600,000 on alcohol and over $200,000 on champagne!! That’s ridiculous!

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    • Yes, well, is it really a fairy tale, though? And what does it say about what society wants for women? 😉 So that’s a feminist in me rebelling against it. In principle, I don’t want to be a hater: If it makes someone’s day better to watch it, cool. Like with trashy TV or anything else, there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you see it for what it is.


  2. Of course I agree it was a waste of taxpayers money which could have been better spent riding the great nation of all its chavs (jokes), the NHS and investing in education. But even countries without a money squander taxpayers money on all sorts of unnecessary rubbish. Clearly, though, the Brits (and others) found the whole exercise highly entertaining as they were taking to the streets, partying and rejoicing especially now that we have a ‘black’ Princess!

    But all the hype of royal wedding is just symptomatic of a bigger issue – that we live in a materialistic world which seems somewhat more obsessed with lavish weddings than the actual marriage itself. While no lowly commoner can ever compete with the likes of Harry and Megan you can see parallels. The Royals sell their pics to some media outlet, us plebs simply plaster our super-duper professional airbrushed photos all over Facebook.The Royals probably get the UK into debt to put on such an event, I’ve heard so many people say somewhere down the line that they wished they’d never wasted so much money on a wedding and that money may have been better spent buying a house or car, etc. It’s all kinda samey. As for the general public, we just endorse the behaviour of spending so much on weddings by LIKING peoples wedding pictures and commenting on things that really aren’t any concern of ours. I even recently heard people actually critique wedding invites a make judgemental comments about the quality of your invitation. Bleh. Now is that someone you really want at your wedding in the first place? What I’m saying is that people, in general, have this obsession with weddings and outdoing one another when it comes to the money spent and the originality. There are better things to be doing with your life surely.

    And despite my hateful comments though, I am guilty of watching the Royal wedding (although it was from the side of a mountain!).

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    • Oh, yeah, the wedding craziness is an issue for a separate post. Charles and Diana had a lavish wedding too and where did it take them? People love to show off, though. I remember telling someone before my wedding that “I refuse to spend 5 thousand rand on a dress because, honestly, I find it immoral”. The person replied “That’s okay. Whatever you can afford, will do!” :D. Unfortunately, there’s a general problem with not understanding that 1) many people have their priorities wrong and 2) some people don’t and it has nothing to do with their financial situation. Also, the wedding should be for the married couple (which it doesn’t seem to be these days). From my experience, even if you try your best to limit the number of excessive guests and keep it simple, stuff will backfire e.g you’ll get crazy wind during your photo shoot and your husband’s aunt will tell someone random she wants to f**k them. You can’t control it all and the bigger the pressure and the wedding, the bigger chances of many things not working out. Like in case of the new princess, for instance, she and her hairdresser were bot criticised for her “unruly” bun, while in fact that was the hairstyle she wanted. People will judge you anyway but if you can, you should try to not to have these people at your wedding/seeing your wedding. The new princess didn’t get this chance and now her life will be forever public. The voyeurism of the public is quite concerning.


      • For her having fakers and the world commenting on her wedding was pretty much unavoidable with her marrying a Prince. Plus, she was already somewhat famous so she knows what its like to be in the public eye. What I don’t get is why plebs would want to expose this kind of bitchiness. As you say it’ll happen regardless but I’d also rather not have such people at the wedding itself. That said, like they say there is no such thing as a free lunch and for those people that insist on taking from the Bank of Mum and Dad to pay for the big day, well that means chances are they’ll want a say in the guest list. Enter the bitchy aunts, jealous losers and pervy uncles! 😛


  3. From my perspective…
    First, didn’t watch, But have it on my DVR for another time, whenever I find time to watch.

    I watched Diana and Charles get married, then William and Kate, now will be watching (at later time) the wedding of Harry and Megan. All three of these Women…in their own right…have been (and will be) instrumental in changes with-in the Royal Family.

    Both William and Harry paid tribute to their beloved mother on their wedding day, as the both have through out their lives

    Just my two cents

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    • Thank you for your comment. Do you like watching weddings in general? Or is there something special for you about the Royals?


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