Why Sex Work Should Be Legal

clipartI think sex work should be legal. This post was inspired by a number of things: The Deuce, an interview on Tim Ferris show with a legal sex worker I’ll review for you tomorrow, encountering a representative of Sweat (a South African organization fighting for sex workers rights and well-being) and a loud-mouth lady, whose argument against sex work I’m going to be discuss.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I feel so strongly about sex work being legal but I think it mostly has to do with the society denying how humans truly are. Sex work has always existed and it will always exist. This is because humans have a need for sex that they’re going to meet in this or other way. You can tell teenagers they’re going to go blind from masturbating and they’ll still masturbate. If you tell them that you will just make them feel guilty about their sexual needs which may make their sexual lives more difficult in future but you won’t stop them (and why would you want that anyway?). Honestly, why just not to accept that humans are sexual being and sex is an important ingredient of well-being?

I don’t find sex work appealing on the receiving end. I don’t think that paying someone for sex can make it as rewarding as with someone who just wants to do it with you. I’m not everyone, though and perhaps for some people it’s a perfectly acceptable and fulfilling experience. Perhaps other people because of some issues struggle to find sex partners and that’s the best they can get. What is more, I think we have a misconception of sex workers as being forced to do the profession because of some circumstances. It may be true for many but I’m sure that some of these ladies and gents are truly enjoying their work. I mean, they’re having sex all day! I’m sure there are worse things one can do, like spend 10 hours per day in an office in a meaningless job that makes you question the meaning of life, for instance 😉

Now so that’s it’s clear, I’m talking here not only about decriminalization, which means sex work is a grey zone and which is already present in many countries but about legalization. What I think should happen in any country is a creation of a proper legal framework that would eliminate or at least  significantly minimize the issues associated with sex work. Such problems are: human trafficking, workers unchecked for STDs and STIs who may be engaging in risky sexual behaviors (not using condoms, for instance), safety risks for sex workers in terms of abusive clients, exploitation of children and teenagers below the age of consent, exploitation of sex workers in general and connection of the whole sex industry to the world of organized crime. All of these problems could be at least partially solved if sex work became a regular industry, the representatives of which would pay taxes and had to be tested. Why not to approach this issue responsibly, given that it exists anyway?

I think part of the problem that people have with sex work is that, well, it’s sex. This is already a taboo and something a lot of people don’t want to think about. Many certainly think that the legalization would work as some sort of encouragement. Legal sex work won’t encourage people to cheat or look for sex work professionals for other reasons, though. People who have an interest in such activities will find their way there, anyway. If that wasn’t the reality, all the problems I enumerated above wouldn’t be taking place. The loud-mouth lady I mentioned before said that sex work is a job with no career prospects. If you’re a waitress, she argued you can save money and buy a coffee shop. If you’re a sex worker what will you do? The answer is: earn a lot of money, save and be much more likely to buy a coffee shop than a waitress. I’m not arguing here that you should necessarily pursue a sex worker profession. I don’t think it’s for most people. However, if some people don’t mind providing a service that is in high demand and make a lot of money out of it, I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business what they do with their body? The only interested party could be the government but if they want to get a chuck of someone’s earnings, they have to first provide a legal framework that will protect the workers, just like they do for all other professions.

What’s your opinion on this issue, Dear Rinser? Any experiences you are willing to share? Thoughts? Anything?


  1. Imagine the money the country could make if sex workers paid taxes, especially the high brow ones!

    While they say that prostitution is the oldest industry in the world and there will always be a demand for it, I read something in freak-nomics that stuck with me. They had stats to show how the industry suffered as a result of women’s liberation and changes in culture. Because nowadays lots of people (both men and women) give it away for free anyway. You just pop down to your local nightclub when you feel like a quick fix and as long as your are somewhat attractive you shouldn’t struggle to find yourself a bit of bedroom action. But then again, if you market yourself correctly and cater for the weird and wonderful people of the world with their weird and wonderful fetishes.

    Technically, as long as you are an consenting adult there should be nothing wrong with sex work. But in reality, even if legalizing it went some way to legitimizing and making it less of a taboo, judgmental people would still be judging. Imagine wanting a career change somewhere down the line (I figure it’s a somewhat superficial industry so your days are going to be numbered anyhow) and you declare your previous job as a sex worker…not sure how many call backs you’ll be getting (although, perhaps there’ll be some people that’ll give you the job on the spot!).

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    • Exactly! And they would get a protection of the state in return.

      Yes, well, I’m sure it true. However, as you point out it may be difficult to find a partner if you have a very specific fetish or liking for something. Also, there are a lot of people who are painfully shy and by some age they can’t just enter the world of dating easily. Paid sex may give them the courage and perhaps some tips from the professional too.

      Sex work could be your job on the side so you wouldn’t have to put it on your CV. If it was a full time job, though, I’m sure there are creative ways of putting it on your resume, like for instance “Customer Satisfaction Manager” 😄

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  2. I agree completely, & used to know a few straight women & lesbians who did sex work: one of them bought a nice house, & another couple saved & spent 2 years traveling round the world! They were all very empowered, & clear about what they were doing & why. Legalizing it makes complete sense

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  3. I support everything in your article. My only concern would be parents or others pressuring their teen/young adult to go into the business, either to “follow their footsteps” or because they think the sex industry is all they are capable of, especially for the amount of money. It must be the individual’s preferred choice of occupation at the time, and I certainly wouldn’t want it to be their first sexual experience or one motivated by sexual abuse or the like.

    I guess a good model for such an industry is the one in the Netherlands.

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    • Thanks! Yes, that is problematic and so is the possibility that some kids would be just tempted to do sex work rather than to do something that requires more effort to get into. I don’t know how one could prevent such issues.

      Btw I haven’t seen any of your posts in my feed for a while!

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      • I’m not sure how they would prevent such cases,

        I was away in Florida for about a week, but since I returned I’ve published six posts, every other day or so. Some I posted in the early evening NYC time. My last post was the day before yesterday.

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      • I’m sure the smart Nordic countries have figured out a way to do so.

        Hmmmm. I wonder whether it’s because of the time difference. Perhaps my feed gets flooded by the time I log in with other posts and that’s why I haven’t seen any. Anyway, in this case I’ll pop in and have a look at what’s happening.

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  4. There’s a difference between legalization and decriminalization… for sex work it should be decriminalization. Legalizing it would force the government to put in a mass of regulations and make life (perhaps) even more difficult for SWers. My 2 cents…


    • I think it should be legalized and there should be a legal framework with obligatory testing, taxation etc. That way I think the SWers could be more protected in many ways. For instance, have a stable income that counts towards retirement.


      • No… that’s not how it work with legalization. When you legalize… the government gets to stick their hand into your business and pull out whatever it wants and do it in the name of “regulation”. In the end… this society (American) has tremendous stigma attached to sex work. They (politicians & citizens) would make legal SWers lives nightmarish. Just look at the FOSTA-SESTA law


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