Girls Trip – A Disgusting Yet Super Funny Chick Flick

girls night“Girls Trip” is a comedy you can currently watch in cinemas (at least in SA). Read my review to learn whether it’s worth the price of the ticket.

The summary of the plot doesn’t sound promising. Four female friends reunite after years to go for a crazy trip to New Orleans. Of course, each of the ladies represents a different type of a woman. We have Ryan (Regina Hall) who’s a successful celebrity, married to seemingly perfect Stuart (Mike Colter). Sasha (Queen Latifah) trashes celebrities for a living and is in deep financial trouble. Lisa (Jada Pinkett-Smith) is a single mother of two and this friend that’s always proper and can never relax, while Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is her complete opposite. A recipe for the most boring two hours of your life? Not exactly!

The movie is very entertaining! Let’s be honest, the jokes are not sophisticated at all and there’s a lot of toilet humor, but it made everyone in the audience laugh. The element of surprise is for sure how disgusting it is. At times you watch it and shake your head in disbelief. “They did NOT” you say to yourself, and yet they did! They went for it! This flick is a true journey in pushing the boundaries in a way similar to “American Pie” or “Hangover”. You feel ashamed that you’re laughing but you’re laughing nonetheless…

The comedic aspect of the movie is it’s biggest strength and it certainly makes it memorable among so many chick flicks with just a sparkle of humor. Unfortunately, the plot itself is rather weak and predictable. Friends have fights and make up to prove the power of female friendship. Everyone ends up staying true to themselves AND it pays off. You know this kind of moralizing cinema that’s trying to tell you that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people. Let’s be honest, if that was true there would be no kids with cancer. Life doesn’t make sense in the way we would like it to and there is no karma. Things just happen and another movie trying to convince you otherwise won’t change it.

I must say I really enjoyed the soundtrack in the movie and I even noticed some members of the audience dancing a little bit when big hits were on. The acting was also good. Perhaps the actresses didn’t have an opportunity to show off their acting skills but they gave convincing performances. It was refreshing to see a movie dominated by females and even more refreshing for it to be so inappropriate. After all sexual comedies filled with males, it’s a nice change. Perhaps Hollywood has realized that contrary to the stereotypical view of a woman as a fair asexual being, ladies like sex, talking dirty and inappropriate jokes too.

To sum up, this movie isn’t a game changer. No one will win an Academy Award for it and you won’t be pondering about its message on your way home. It is HILARIOUS, though. Go watch it with your girlfriends and have fun!

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