Types of Single Men

menOur poor #englishrosiee has been suffering from a writer’s block (the struggle is REAL, guys!) and I’m doing my best to keep this blog alive and our Rinsers happy. After the surprising popularity of the post Types of Single and Coupled Women, I’ve decided to write a sequel on types of single men. Let’s hope it’ll be more like Godfather part II than the second part of the Blair Witch Project πŸ˜‰ Mesdames et Messieurs, meet…

The Commitment Phobe

The Commitment Phobe is really looking for this one lady he could have a fulfilling relationship with. It’s just that the chicks can’t understand that calling him their boyfriend is rather limiting… Why do women have to put labels on everything? Geez! Also, let’s just agree that meeting anyone’s parents is a bit much?!? And what is it with all this moving in together business? You see, the Commitment Phoebe is really trying but women are just impossible to deal with!

The Low Effort ManΒ 

He likes this girl who lives across the street. He’s been having feelings for her for a while now, but it seems like quite a lot of effort to ask her out and then do the whole relationship thing. He wishes more women were like his ex girlfriend. His ex just made it happened for them. She asked him out, she kissed him, she told him they were in a relationship. He was happy. Unfortunately, one day she told him they weren’t in a relationship anymore. That made him sad. But what could he do? Everything requires so much effort…

One Night Stander

He makes a lady feel very special… but only from dusk till dawn. He’ll sneak out from you house before you wake up and will never call you again. But, hey, it was fun and after all you didn’t have high expectations after a few hour long drunk conversation in the club either! Make sure he doesn’t steal your panties (true story and no, not mine. I wish. It’s epic).

The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy thinks he’s nice. It means he pays no or little attention to his looks, career and avoids putting effort into being the best version of himself. The reason for that is because he thinks in life one can get girlfriend points. He’s convinced that each time he’s nice to a lady who has the looks, a career and is just awesome, he gets a point. Eventually the number of points is enough to become her boyfriend. If she doesn’t want that and friendzones himΒ as she thinks, well, that he’s just nice, she’s a horrible person. If she ends up dating someone else, it’s just because the latter is an asshole. The Nice Guy’s entitlement and misunderstanding of the fact that dating isn’t charity, leads him often to become…

The No One Wants Me Man

The No One Wants Me Man is amazing. Unfortunately no one seems to share his views. This is why the No One Wants Me Man gives up on his dating prospects and declines to the world of DIY (he, he, get it? ;)). The fact that no one wants him, of course has nothing to do with the fact that he never leaves his comfort zone and unless he changes his mind about incest there are no chances of finding this special someone in his household.

The Seeker

The Seeker keeps looking for his true north. He knows his strengths and he knows his weaknesses. He’s willing to work on himself. Last but not least, he’s putting himself out there and will look for this women who’ll give him the relationship he wants or he’ll fail trying! Most probably he won’t fail, though. People who know what they want and put enough effort into searching for it, tend to find it.

I hope everyone takes the list with a pinch of salt as it’s supposed to be taken. Single guys are so amazing I’ve married one, so you know πŸ˜‰

Dear Rinsers, any more types to add? Stories to share? Talk to me! I’ve missed you long time!




  1. What about the guy who is all about himself? He thinks he’s God’s gift to the world; ladies in particular. Usually referred to as fuck boys I think… Those are a special kind of pain in the ass.

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  2. Can you explain more about the no one wants me man? I feel like I’m becoming him. Why does nobody else share that view as you posted in the article?
    I’m ugly but I have a good career working in the government. I’m starting to give up on love cos it clearly is not for me and does not exist.
    I always destroy everything good that happens to me.


    • Hi E! Thank you for your comment. Love is for everyone and everyone is worthy of it. The reason why some people are unsuccessful in love is because they feel and/or think they’re not worth of it. If you change the way you think, you’ll change your reality too. It’s a very similar thing with beauty and ugliness. It doesn’t matter how we look on the outside, what matters is how we feel about the way we look. I’ve met beautiful people who think they’re ugly and ugly people who think they’re beautiful. They both get in life what the think they deserve, because at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of beholder.

      Answering your question: The No-One-Wants-Me-Man is someone who may be trying but isn’t trying in the right way and then gives up angrily. If someone feels bad about themselves and they try to pursue relationships, when they fail, they feel angry and like they’re “too good for this person anyway”. The reason why they’re failing is because they need to work on the way they feel about themselves before they look for someone to share a life with. It’s not about giving up on looking but changing the strategy. How can we be liked if we don’t like ourselves? How can we expect others to love ourselves, if we can’t do it ourselves? After all, it’s not fair to expect more from others than ourselves.

      I’m not a psychologist and I don’t know you, but a lot of what you said here is negative self-talk: I’m ugly, love isn’t for me, love doesn’t exist and of course the last sentence. If this is what you believe that becomes your reality. Please try to work on changing your core beliefs and if you feel you need help perhaps a coach or a therapist could help you change your self-image. I hope it was helpful. Take care.


  3. Nice post. There are also those dudes who are just kinda hypocritical. They want a powerful woman who will save them from their troubles (aka themselves) but at the same time they want her to be a subservient little kitten who won’t speak her mind. Just get themselves a blow up doll or a robot perhaps πŸ˜›


    • I think what these dudes want is a woman with enough money to make them not work and enough stamina to also do all the housechores. A robot sounds like a great solution to their problems! I’ve heard the scientists are working hard on sex robots. Perhaps a money making house slave robot should be their next point on the agenda.

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  4. I’ve probably been every type on that list at some point. I finally settled somewhere between the seeker and the nice guy. Then I met someone. I think the trick is to not be too ugly and lazy. Worked for me.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I think people would go through many types in their lives πŸ˜‰Lol, ja, I think you’ve had the trick figured πŸ˜‰


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