Unlucky in Love or Just Lazy AF?


Dating is a complex game. One I haven’t figured out a strategy for success in. I guess each of us just needs to stumble through it a bit and figure out what works for us. Even after almost 2 years in the game I still can’t tell anyone what they need to do find their perfect match. Some meet their future hubby on a drunken night out on Long Street, others while working up a sweat at the gym and then, nowadays more than ever before, there are those that meet online. But as far as I am concerned, the common denominator in all of the above mentioned scenarios is that the people involved put in the effort. Whether that effort meant getting dressed up and looking your best for a night out or spending an hour each day swiping…it’s still effort! There are, however, some people that believe finding love (whether of the temporary and forever variety) is down to luck. This brings to the topic of today’s post – is one’s success (or lack thereof) in dating and relationships written in the stars or does is require a bit of hard work on our parts as well?

As with all of the good things in life, love (or whatever it is you are looking for in terms of a relationship) doesn’t come easy. Rewind back to your school days – remember those kids that were just good at things and always got the best grades with a minimal effort? Well those kids kinda exist in the grown up world of dating as well. There are just some people out there that seem to be better at attracting the right people. Maybe it’s their good looks or natural charm – who knows?  Or just that they happened to be walking down that dark alley at the precise moment that a dashing young Prince was as well? Sure, there is always a small element of ‘luck’ involved. But remember, human relationships are complex. Just because someone  is fortunate in terms of coming into contact with Mr Right, that doesn’t mean that they necessarily have what it takes to keep him interested. That part be the bit that requires a little more effort.

I believe that no matter how pretty, clever or well-rounded a person is, finding and maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort somewhere down the line. There are those for whom the hard work begins from the get go when it comes to finding potential suitors and there are other cases where you find yourself in the arms of a somewhat perfect man but also wondering what is needed to take it from just that to something with a semblance of a relationship.

For some, like yours truly, it might require having to question one’s faith in humanity after +/- 50 dates with the ‘men’ on Tinder. The effort could perhaps involve something as superficial as a fashion makeover or going on a diet to shed a few pounds and get that much-needed confidence boost. It may involve getting over yourself and coming to terms with that fact that none of us is above internet dating and finally joining Tinder. But to be honest, this is only the beginning of the hard work.

Once you’ve found someone who is worthy of your time and also considers you to be worthy ot theirs (yup, sadly it needs to work both ways) then you enter the minefield of relationship problems. From minor disagreements about mudane day-to-day matters to more serious relationship hurdles such as dealing with friends/family that aren’t bug fans of your significant other or one party dealing with some sort of financial difficulty or medical condition. Basically whenever you think you’ve done all the hard craft this cruel world has a way of throwing you the next challenge.

The key here, as in all other aspects of life, is perseverance. Just keep swimming (or swiping). However many rejections you have to deal with and no matter how many douchebags you need to date don’t lose sight of the end goal. Of course, it’s OK to take a break from the mission, gather your thoughts and maybe work on yourself a bit and then get yourself back on track. Like the losers at high school, who always felt hard done by in life I promise you that those lazy AF chicks who sit on the couch every night, eating ice cream in their PJs and wondering why they are so ‘unlucky’ in love and resigning themselves to a life of SAD SAD Spinsterhood …well I don’t think they’ll even get close to kissing the frogs (let’s throw them a dildo and be done with it!). BUT those of us who just keep Tindering on, no matter how many weirdos the world throws at us, well I really do have faith that those that put in the required effort will get what they want … and even if they won’t they’ll have a few good stories to tell at a dinner party!

Your turn now darling Rinsers. How much is finding love in this world down to luck? And how much is down to putting in the effort and never giving up on the end goal? Which element has been more important in your story? Answers in the comment section below.  





  1. You make some good points about dating one being this The key here, as in all other aspects of life, is perseverance. My thought is though if you go into dating on line with I will kiss a lot of frogs then that is what you will attract …frogs! If you go into it with the mindset of somewhere out there my one and only is looking for me just I am looking for them then you will find each other. You can not keep the same mindset of kissing frogs and expect a different result!

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    • I think it’s important to be realistic when it comes to dating though…it’s not always easy, kissing a frog isn’t a crime as long as you look at it as a learning experience and don’t let you be put off dating all together.

      Anyway out there who is swiping despite all odds, definitely isn’t giving up on looking for the one that easily.


      • It’s not easy because we think we are using it as a learning experience when in fact it is hurting us and holding us back. This goes to what I mentioned once before about knowing what kind of relationship you truly want , what kind of people you are attracting and if that is lining up the same if not themn stop kissing the frogs because you will not get the Prince but more of the same…frogs.

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      • I get what you saying. But sometimes we find the heart, the head (and the hormones) don’t always align. Sometimes your head logically tells you that you are making a mistake but your heart wants to do its own thing.


  2. I’m a believer in the motto: Everything happens for a reason. If a girl wants to not put in the effort in dating and instead winds up on the couch night after night, that’s her prerogative, and to me, I see it as the universe telling her: it’s not your time. After a while, she will get tired of the boring routine and want a change. It is then, when her potential relationship will emerge, and given the proper circumstances, she will be able to successfully land her prince.

    Basically, I don’t feel as thought people should force themselves into a relationship. Though, once they are part of a relationship, there does have to be some give and take, and sometimes the giving will be hard and that is when effort is essential.

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  3. […] As kids we don’t really judge ourselves according to a strong superiority/inferiority metric. Perhaps, a kid gets mocked sometimes because it wears a cap on their head in – 20 degrees winter (true reason of mockery in cold countries – cool kids are always cold) but it takes a while before we develop our insecurity to the point that it really bothers us. Hell, I remember being proud that I had friends who were smarter/prettier/more fashionable or cooler in any other way than I was. Look at adults, though. Have you ever noticed what happens if one of your friends at work becomes a manager? All of a sudden, people stop being friendly with him or her (especially her!) and start gossiping about how they’re full of themselves or whatever else bullshit is being said about them. In reality their promotion is no mystery because they did just work so much harder than everyone else.  And yet, people prefer to label them as lucky because if the new manager is better at their job than they themselves are than they are worse. And that bloody hurts. Let me hold my horses, here, though. Our lovely #englishrosiee has written already about the difference between being lazy AF and unlucky in the context of love. […]


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