Film review: The Girl on the Train


#englishrosiee and I have both read the book, therefore on Friday night we decided to go to the cinema to watch the film adaptation. We both enjoyed the novel but agreed that its value is mostly in the action driven plot and suspense. The question was whether the movie would manage to keep us interested when we already knew the ending.

Let’s start by having a quick look at the plot. Rachel is divorced and can’t cope with the fact that her ex husband started a family with the woman he was cheating on her with, Anna. There’s also Megan who has a possessive husband and works as a nanny at Anna’s house. Are there any other connections between the women? That’s something our Dear Rinsers will have to decide for themselves if they decide to watch the movie. Let me just tell you that it’s definitely a chickthriller that we’re dealing with here. Pretty ladies and their dark haired handsome husbands live in nice houses in the suburbs. There’s love there, passion, abuse, crime, strong emotions and unfortunately cheap psychological explanations behind the characters behaviors. Nevertheless, if you haven’t read the book, the movie has everything to keep you interested for the time of its length, even if some dialogues or issues of the characters will make you cringe.

The movie manages to remain quite simple for a Hollywood production, even though it certainly loses out on being set in New York unlike the events in the novel that took place in London. The characters and the mystery are the main focus of the movie. Thanks to the built up of the fragmented stories we hear from the characters we get quite attached to them. That makes the few brutal scenes in the movie much more powerful than in your regular thriller. You feel like you know the women on the screen therefore the abuse that happens almost feels personal.

The film has little artistic value.The acting is okay, maybe slightly exaggerated in a theatrical manner. Emily Blunt does a good impression of a mentally disturbed woman but to someone who read the book it’s irritating how good she looks. Rachel from the book is neglected and fat with visible sign of alcohol abuse on her face. The Hollywood Rachel is just someone who forgot to straighten her hair and put lipstick on. She’s definitely not the revolting character we encounter in the book that we would like to slap and ask to keep her shit together. The degradation of the character was a crucial part of the book. The film makers didn’t omit much but got rid of other disgusting parts that were enhancing the dark mood of the novel.

To conclude, “The Girl on the Train” is an okay thriller that may surprise you but if you read the book rather give it a skip.



    • I’d say both are good but you shouldn’t read the book and watch the movie as its all about the mystery. You won’t reread the book or rewatch the movie, they’re not good enough once you know what happens. I think I liked the book more as it was more realistic.


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