Would you like to be a Princess?

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This post was inspired by two things: 1) Prince dying and 2) the excessive presence of the royals in media. Looking at poor Princess Kate being judged because of her flying skirt made me think about how horrible a life of a princess actually has to be. Nothing like in our innocent girly dreams of our childhood.

First of all, as a royal (or any other sort of celebrity for that matter) you’re constantly judged. Some people (like me) dislike you because you’re perpetuating the old superstitions about people being better or worse, depending on the social standing of the family. Others love you because they indiscriminately believe in the old traditions but at the same time they love judging you too. A flying skirt, too revealing dress or a slightly inappropriate comment will make you land at the first page of magazines and be shamed all around the Internet.

Secondly, you can’t have a career or even pastimes that could be considered not right for you. Instead of self-development you travel around the world looking pretty, smiling and waving at people. No one really cares about your opinions apart from maybe The Sun readers so you just tell everyone that you’re hoping for “World Peace”. What makes you different from Miss Universe is that you also serve as a reproductive means to give birth to the heir to the Throne. The British public strongly supports the royalty but it’s difficult not to notice that it’s all a little bit medieval.

Last but not least, you really have to love the Prince to agree to such life conditions as a smart lady that you undoubtedly are being considered for the position. Nevertheless, you never really have him for yourself. No PDA allowed either! It all looks so gracious and almost better than human, if not that it’s only what can be seen on the surface. It’s enough to look at Princess Diana and her mutually unhappy marriage to Prince Charles to see what can happen behind the close door. All the pretty dresses and all the riches in the world won’t give you back a simpler life you could have had if only your loved one wasn’t the Prince.

To sum up, a Princess’ life may look beautiful on the surface and as little girls we can aspire to what seems to be a fairytale. Nevertheless, in reality a modern princess’ life doesn’t seem so appealing at all and we’ll all be better off marrying a commoner.

Over to you Rinsers. Do you still want to be a princess? What do you think it’d be like to date a real life prince? Do aspire to marry above your own class? Or are you happy to remain a commoner and do as your please?



  1. Well when you put it that way I am glad I wasn’t born in the royal family. Lady Kate is a smart woman who will never be allowed to reach her full potential and only be looked at as eye candy for the prince and as you said produce a heir for the throne…well she did that now can she show her skills as a smart woman? No?


  2. Hmmm…at least Kate had a choice. She didn’t have to marry Will. She could have done worse. It does suck have to give up slightly unorthodox hobbies but you have to ask yourself whether she would really be doing much better for herself as a commoner. Sure, she is educated but would she really be running Fortune 500 company? Probably not. And being a royal isn’t all that bad…if you are pragmatic you can use your position as a royal for good. (although if you support a cause that’s even slightly contreversial they’ll probably have you killed). Still, the potential to make a difference is there, more than for most of us mere mortals.

    How about the ones who are born royal? Like those poor ‘evil step-sisters’ with the VJJ hats? I think it’s worse being born a princess than becoming one later in life like Kate. You’ll never know if a guy is dating you for your money/status.

    You should watch this reality series undercover princesses/princes. Where relatively minor royals from obscure countries go undercover as mere commoners in England in order to find someone who will love them for being themselves, rather than for their royal status. It’s a pretty entertaining especially as these royals have to end up working commoner jobs like McDs or street sweeping having never done a days work in their lives. In the end they have to choose to take someone they’ve dated back to the country to visit their kingdom where they reveal their true identity.

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    • I’m not saying that Kate has it really bad but I guess for a smart woman it’s difficult to be so restricted. You don’t have to run Fortune 500 company to be proud of your achievements. No one has offered us to put our blog in a book and yet I’m proud of it 😉 It’s about possibilities of self-expression that she’s denied. The reality series sounds amazing. You should review it for our Rinsers!


  3. I think as long as I loved the Prince and felt that I was allowed to be me – albeit behind closed doors I think I could comfortably live that life.


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