Review : The Dressmaker


On Good Friday when the good religious folk were at Church, #zlotybaby and I decided to go to the cinema to watch The Dressmaker (NB – Waterfront on a public holiday is a bit death wish!).

When #zlotybaby suggested The Dressmaker, I first thought it was something to do with her wedding dress. When I finally cottoned on to the fact it was a movie, I looked it up on Google to see that it didn’t actually have very good reviews. But ho hum…I am no movie real buff (sometimes I just go for the popcorn) so I thought we’d give it a go anyway.

Despite my skepticism (especially as it had a Cowboy feel to it) and all the bad press the movie received, I actually found the movie to be surprisingly entertaining. While it wasn’t the typical chick flick/love story I go for it does have a very realistic/bittersweet love element to it.

Anyway, let me start at the very beginning.  The Dressmaker is set in some deadbeat small town in  1950s Australia. Myrtle/Tilly (played by back to her Titanic figure – Kate Winslet – with a pretty good Aussie accent) returns to her village to put to rest some demons to rest. Basically, the mean-spirited hill-billies of this backwater town thinks of her as a evil murderess who killed the school bully when she was just a little girl.

Anyway she goes back to set the record straight and although the narrow-minded folk are unwilling to accept her story, she does slowly start win them over with her fabulous fabulous fashionista abilities.( I really really loved all the pretty dresses). Almost miraculously, Tilly is able to transform a bunch of Plain Jane types into the type of elegant ladies you’d expect to see roaming the streets of Paris.

Enough about the fashion. This is a blog about sex/dating/romance after all. (Although clothes,or removal of, are very important in all of the aforementioned matters). As I said before, there is a romantic element to the story. But unlike the typical Hollywood love story, Tilly’s romance with Teddy, the extremely hot farm boy from next door (played by Liam Hemsworth – from the Hunger Games and yes I feel like a totally cougar perving on this boy) doesn’t go to plan. Like many real life love stories it ends in tragedy and the whole town being burnt to the ground.

Sadly, I don’t have time to tell you anymore so you’ll have to watch it to find out about the bits in between. But I really do recommend you give it and ignore all those silly online reviews. This Dressmaker has a great balance of romance, tragedy, comedy and drama and most importantly some really really amazing fashion.

OK. Rinsers. Over to you. Have you seen The Dressmaker? What are your thoughts on this slightly unconventional story? Answers in the comments below.


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