Review : How To Be Single (and Masterdate)


So there I was bored out of my mind one Friday night with no tinder dates on the horizon and generally fed up of twiddling my thumbs so I decided to try my hand at the this new fangled phenomenon called Masterdating. Now get your dirty mind out of the gutter.

For those of you out of the loop Masterdating can be described as the process of learning to enjoy your own company by effectively taking yourself on a date to some place you’d usually go with a significant other. While sitting alone at restaurant is something I can’t quite get my head around, catching a movie seemed like a far more viable option (you don’t always need to have a in-depth discussion during the film itself and plus the cinema is dark, and even though Cape Town is a small world, the chances of you being spotted and subsequently judged for being a loner loser are minimal).

So, it seemed pretty apt for Cape Town’s favourite single girl to watch a movie that promised to tell her how to do just that…How To Be Single. Plus, it feature Fat Amy (from Pitch Perfect) and so I knew I was in for a good LOL! The movie centres on four main character. Alice – who has just taken a ‘break’ from her LTR in order to experience the single life for a while and ‘discover herself’. She apparently has every intention of coming back to her man (but you know that’s never going to happen). Then you have Robin (aka Fat Amy), Alice’s ‘How To Be Single’ Guru. She is the fun-loving girl who holds Alice’s hand, shows her how to meet men, rinse them for free drinks and generally enjoy the single life. Meg is Alice’s big sister who had basically given up on finding a man and decided to have a child via sperm donor when her Prince comes along. Finally, there is Lucy – the girl who is desperately looking for The One via online dating and has even created a complex algorithm to help her do so.

I can’t even really begin to tell you about the intricacies of this comedy of errors but what I will say is that this is a movie that truly steers away from the norm when it comes to romantic comedies. It is incredibly relevant to our generation who are taking longer to settle down, exploring the wealth of non-traditional options but are still frantically searching for ‘The One’. If you are ever feeling a bit disillusioned with the world, relationships, etc I’d most definitely recommend “How To Be Single” as not just a good mood lifter but an excellent form of inspiration.

Go watch it! All of you! Now! Oh, and Masterdating wasn’t as bad I expected!


  1. Yeah sorta….but not just normal ‘me time’, it’s effectively meant to be like dating yourself. So actually doing something you would do with a significant other…. Its meant to be somewhat liberating. Going to the cinema alone was fine, I couldn’t care either way if someone came with me. I wouldn’t say it was liberating but it was better than being stuck home alone on a Friday night which was my alternative (and at that stage I had suffered threw 5 nights of ‘me time’ at home, so I took ‘me’ out for a date, kinda!)


  2. It’s still a fancy way of saying me time. Go to the movies check done that do something I would normally do on a date other than kiss or have sex with my self yep done that…treated myself to something nice that I haven’t done or bought for me …done that too it’s called me time

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