Review : Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Everyone knows that getting over an ex is a tough process. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could all take a holiday to Hawaii to fix ourselves and maybe find a replacement? Maybe not, if you are a love sick puppy who has followed their ex (and her new man friend) to this tropical paradise.

Well, unlike most us who are forced to run to the nearest dive bar to drown our sorrows and spiral out of control in order to rid our fragile minds of that past love, this is exactly the situation that struggling musician, Peter (Jason Segel also from the Five Year Engagement) finds himself after being ceremoniously dumped by his long-term girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kirsten Bell).  In this slap stick comedy about a guy trying to get over his broken heart.

While in Hawaii, Peter finds out that Sarah Marshall (Kirsten Bell) has been cheating with him with ‘that guy’ from ‘that band’ aka Russell Brand. Luckily, Peter quickly begins to find himself distracted by the pretty girl at the reception desk (obviously this is Hollywood and everyone is beautiful and no one is forced to have a rebound fling with a muntress from Tinder as would be the case in reality).

Like all of us, Peter tries his hardest to take the whole break-up like a big man by trying to be a mature adult around his ex. Poor guy even has to endure an awkward double date with his ex and her new man. But as luck would have it, nothing quite goes to plan.

I’m not going to give away anymore (partly, because it ridiculously early in the morning and I’m running out of time). So, if you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth watching – go rent it on DVD (maybe I’m the last of a dying bread that still frequents the DVD store) or download it like a child of the the 21st century. I’d especially recommend it for those who’ve recently gone through a break-up and are feeling like their whole world has come crumbling down around them. It will be sure to snap you out of the self-pitying mind set, put things in perspective and maybe even tempt you to book an island vacation.

Alright Rinsers, feel free to share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below or alternatively provide us with some awkward/funny anecdotes about dealing with your ex in the post-break up period. Till tomorrow. Love you long time.


  1. I was on my way home from work and my wife called me to ask me to pick up dinner. We decided on chinese food. When I walked in to order our food sitting inside was my ex. It was the last place I expected to run into my ex at. It was awkward it had been a while since we ran into each other.But it was cordial. I even wrote a post about it.

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  2. Thanks for reading. Yep, bumping into the ex isn’t ever easy. But I think it is easier if some time has passed and you’ve moved on. Regardless, its important to put on a brave face and show them that you are a mature adult who can deal with past ghosts.


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