About Time – Time Travel in the Quest for Love

About time


After my last Wednesday post when I complained that I had no movies to watch, my dear friend and colleague #zlotybaby took it upon herself to provide me with a selection of movies to review solely for the purposes of this blog.

I am sure we can all resonate with the famous line about everyone having 20/20 hindsight especially (especially with reference to relationships and such). We’ve all become a bumbling bunch of nerves at the sight of a hot guy and then saying/doing something absolutely idiotic in an attempt to win his affections. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if in those embarrassing instances we could go back in time and just do everything differently so we come across as a sophisticated lady instead of a complete buffoon? In more serious experiences…imagine you could back in time and change the course of events so you didn’t waste your youth chasing bad boys while all the decent guys got hitched to those suburban housewife types? Or maybe you’d go back and be more appreciative of people?

Whatever the case. I think we’ve probably all contemplated what life would be like if we had the ability to travel back in time and do things differently. Well, that is what this movie is all about. When the main character Tim is 21 his Dad tells him a dirty family secret (no he does not come from a long line of sex cult followers): all the men in their family can travel through time. While his father used this superpower to read/reread all his favourite books, Tim decides to use time travel to find a wife…which he does but not without some other troubles along the way.

Due to our self imposed word limits I am not going to give away much more of the plot but I would recommend the movie. It may not be the most intellectually stimulating film but it’s certainly entertaining (although sickeningly sweet at times) and perfect for those Sunday mornings when you want to lie in a hungover heap on the sofa. And more importantly I think it provides some good for thought.

Do you think time travel could help us from making a mess of potential opportunities for love? Or do you think messing with fate is just a waste of time? After all if it is meant to be it will be? Does time travel just open up a whole can of worms – for example if we keep going back in time over and over again in order to change ourselves so that people would like us would we ending up losing the essence of our character and become someone else entirely? If someone doesn’t truly like another person is there really any amount of changing or working on oneself that could make them change their mind? Or is the spark something that needs to be there from the get go?

Have a ponder Rinsers and give us your thoughts on the movie and these pressing questions in the comments section below.






  1. Hmmm time travel …I think I would save for something that really could fixed. But more to the point maybe if we listened more to the advice about chasing bad boys key word here KNOWING we shouldn’t we would not need to go back in time and rewrite the script so to speak.


  2. OK…In my old age I’m beginning to learn that life is not as clear cut as bad boys and good guys. There are lots of seemingly good guys that have been damaged by the world and go through phases of being bad and bad boys who actually turn out to be OK (maybe not boyfriend material but sometimes those bad boys turn out to be pretty OK friends/agony uncles).

    As you say though, however many times we go back in time and rewrite the situation we can’t change people or our own true nature so we’d probably still end up messing things up further down the line. Sometimes the mistakes we make may even be a blessing in disguise.


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