When your neighbours are too loud


Most people have sex. Whether they have partners or not they will regularly or sporadically get some and we know that it’s healthy for human beings to have active sexual lives. It’s all good when they have all the fun they want in the privacy of their household, however, occasionally their pleasure is so loud that it invades our space. What to do then?

Imagine you went away for a lovely holiday and after a day trip you’re trying to fall asleep. Unfortunately you struggle to do so as you can hear extremely loud noises from the room next to yours. The series of ahhhhs and ohhhs and yesssss babiesssss is giving you a hard time. The moment you breathe with relief that it’s over you start to hear round two. The hotel scenario has a benefit of the moaners being complete strangers. In other words, you can go to their room and ask them to be quiet without worrying about long-term repercussions. On the flip side you’re a stranger to them too so they may be more inclined to tell you to mind your own business and suggest that there’s something wrong with your own sexual life. After all, a sleepless night doesn’t seem like the worst thing ever so think well before you knock on their door.

The above scenario can be easily ignored as its temporary. Nevertheless, some of us are more unlucky and may end up being placed next to an extremely noisy couple of neighbours who sound more as if they were having a dinosaur battle in their kitches and not coitus. If the problem is getting too difficult to handle you may approach the issue and ask them to be quieter. Hopefully they’ll get embarrassed and lower their noise levels in the future. If not you can always address the issue with the body corporate but I can see a long battle with this one, given that other neighbours will probably be too ashamed to support you in your pleas to silence the neighbours. Besides, whatever the neighbours do, they do it in the privacy of their house and surely it’s not something that they do ALL the time so maybe it’s just a downside of leaving in apartment buildings.

Paradoxically scenario number three called flatmates is theoretically the easiest to sort out. After all in the shared space you’re entitled to set your own rules and if something is annoying you, you should address it. Makes sense, right? And yet from all the cases I know, never had a similar issue been addressed mostly because of embarrassment. A friend of mine had a flatmate who became famous for the extremely noisy visits of her “friend”. The issue has been gossiped about, laughed at and even addressed by the poor flatmate paying unexpected visits to everyone she knew in the area when the “deed” was taking place. What she never dI’d, was to address the issue. By the same  token, I never spoke about the a similar problem to a former flatmate who would exchange his female companions more often than people do daily contact lenses and he had a tendency to have sex with his door open.

To sum up, people often have loud sex and other people often struggle to ask them to have it a little bit softer. After all we all know that loud or silent sex is similarly pleasant and sometimes one should be considerate.

Now to you, Dear Rinser, have you ever been in a situation when people were disturbing your sleep or leisure time with their fornication? Or maybe you’re guilty of moaning too loud? Share your stories in the comment section.



  1. Oh Yes … I had a middle aged couple I drove to a baseball game in a stretch limousine …as I am driving on the highway I felt the car jerk forward and thought for a brief moment I was having engine problems until I hear her moan and that was with the partition up and they did that right up until we pulled up at the stadium for the game… and that was only the warm up.

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  2. I used to have this problem some time ago. my neighbour had his girl friend (not his girlfriend yet) come over to his place (me living next door) quite regularly and they would always have this porno-like extremely loud sex – my guess is it gave him a hard-on she loved and enjoyed. it sounded thought as if she had been boiled alive. and every time I’d pound my fist against the wall, they would pound back. now they’re a couple and their sex became much quieter. but I wouldn’t be myself if I hadn’t done something to make their lives harder too. once I got so pissed off (it was 1:30 am), that I brought the stereo to my bedroom, put the speakers against the wall between mine and his bedroom, and played some loud Dimmu Borgir. one song: “Mourning Palace” from “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” was enough to make his dick soft. 2 days later I greet them in the stairwell ‘hullo’ and he reciprocated while she told me ‘kiss my ass’.

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    • 😄 they sort of asked for it. I was fantasizing about telling a lot of things to my flatmate who loved to have sex with his door open but never actually managed. I wonder whether it was the thought of his two female flatmates walking in on them that was turning him on.


  3. I lived/worked at a backpackers for sometime during my life.I felt many people actually came their just to have loud sex. Many of them were 20 somethings that obviously lived at home with their folks so naturally loud sex was not an option for them there so they were willing to pay for some privacy (well some of them, others were quite happy to get it on in a dorm room).

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  4. I actually haven’t been bothered by loud sex sounds in domesticity. Yeah, I’ve heard roommates having sex, but it’s not that bothersome. They’re not obnoxious about it at all. In fact, it just makes me want to turn to my partner and jump him 😉 I do have a story about some hilarious sex sounds:

    My partner and I had traveled to a Rainbow Gathering (basically, a few thousand hippies gathering in a National Forest for a few weeks). We had set up camp in a nice spot on a hill and we had several “neighbors” in the vicinity, one of whom was a German lady who enjoyed strolling around nude (which isn’t unusual – lots of various forms of undress there). She had arrived early and was waiting for her own partner to arrive a couple days later.

    And boy, when he arrived, we sure knew it! The woman was a very loud moaner and it was a pretty unusual moan. It was like a long, continuous… bellowing, an “EeeeeeeEEEEEEooooOOOOOOoeeeeeeEEEEE” that lasted for minutes at a time. It was so funny and I remember looking over at some other neighbors and they looked mortified (they were more weekend warrior city types). Oh my goodness, we only heard them having sex a couple times, but each time was so long and awkward and just outright hilarious.

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