Review : The Ladybird Book of Dating

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Adulting is scary. I think we can all agree on that. From paying off a mortgage and doing dangerous DIY projects to trying one’s hand at online dating, entering into the prison sentence known as marriage and subsequently procreating…in our old age we’ve probably all come to realise that life as grown-up is certainly no Cinderella story.

So once in a while when the big bad world becomes too much for us to handle it becomes necessary to revisit our childhood – a time when life was simpler and our little hearts were full of hope for a happily ever after. The Ladybird Book of Dating is one such opportunity. I’d heard a lot about this little spoof book from friends in the UK and on social media so when I received it as a belated Xmas gift from a loyal friend of mine it pretty much made my (Dry) January.

This is just one in a new series of books that are intended to help us ‘adults’ make sense of the world by taking us back to the days when we were learning to read using those Peter and Jane books.  We all remember Peter and Jane, right? Those wholesome kids who spent their days skipping through fields of daisies (or whatever it is kids got up to in the days before smartphones and iPads).

Lots of fully-grown adults can’t get their heads around the concept of dating. I know many sad spinsters who are unable to embrace the modern tools (Tinder, OKC, etc) that we have at our disposal and have resigned themselves to a life at home with their cats. If only someone could be so kind as to provide them with the Ladybird Book they would soon realise that dating  is nothing to be afraid of and is just ‘a fun way of meeting someone who is as terrified as dying alone as you are’.. It goes on to explain various aspects of dating/relationships that most of us are familiar with such as dating down, settling, blind dates dealing with people who have bad spelling/grammar and dating practices in foreign cultures.

I think the Lady Bird Book of Dating is essential reading for any singleton trying to brave the horrid world of dating. Beyond the fact that it is hilarious, contains pictures (when last did you get to read a book with illustrations in it?) and is written in massive font (great for people who are losing their sight in their old age :))  and it reminds us not to take life so seriously.

I’d recommend the Ladybird Book of Dating to anyone who feels like being a bit nostalgic while having a good giggle at the same time. I can’t wait to get my hands on some the other books in the series (according to the back of the book there are dedicated guides to Dumping, The Ex, Friends With Benefits and Tinder Hacking ).

Over to you darling Rinsers – Have you heard the hype about these Ladybird books ? Have you read any? Did they make your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.






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