Sexless Star Wars – why violence on screen is more acceptable than sex?


I must admit I’m quite a big “Star Wars” fan. I’ve been watching the saga since I remember, even though I don’t think the movies that came after the original trilogy ever reached its level. One thing I’ve noticed is that the number of violent scenes in the series increases, while the number of sex scenes remains at zero.

Why is it so, that violence on screen is more acceptable than sex and nudity? Maybe in the particular case of “Star Wars” the answer isn’t that difficult to find. It is after all mainly aimed at young adult audience even if all generations watch it. I can understand why it’s no “50 Shades of Grey” and why Princess Leia doesn’t get spanked too often. Nevertheless, would a tasteful love making scene be such a horrible thing too see for a teenager?Ā “Star Wars” does reach a point when children just appear out of nowhere. In case of two main couples – Han and Leia and Anakin and Amidala – they fall in love, get married and children pop out of nowhere. The hottest it gets between the couples is a peck or a kiss on the forehead.

The reason why I find it worrying is that young adults will find their ways to see sex anyway. My mom used to make me cover my eyes when we were watching even the softest love scenes, where sex was only implied. Eventually, my curiosity led me to watch a porn movie a friend organized and I ended up disgusted with sex for a period of time. Unfortunately, the only thing I knew about sex apart from what I read in teenage magazines (all technical and abstract) and heard from friends who knew as little as me was what I saw in the porn movie.

I don’t think that one protects teenagers by limiting the story of sex to “and then they got married and had children”. It just increases their curiosity and the mainstream cinema for people their age won’t satisfy this curiosity. The adult cinema, on the other hand, will present them with oversexualised visions and I don’t only mean porn here.

As much as the society seems to be prudish about sexy scenes, it doesn’t really mind it when a teenager sees people being sliced by light sabers. In other words there’s plenty of dismemberment but no members on screen. Why is it fine to see ugly but not beautiful? Maybe because in our seemingly modern world sex is still considered evil to an extent. Additionally young adult sexuality and curiosity about the topic is still a taboo. We should remember that no matter how much we try to pretend that something doesn’t exist, it won’t disappear.

To sum up, the society should work on itself so that “Star Wars” can sex up. Or something like that.

So, Dear Rinsers, what do you think about the topic? Do you think sex on the screen that young adults can see is evil? Or are there ways to make it tasteful and educative?



    • No! Sex is a part of life just like violence is. If we include violence and show it to young people we shouldn’t be scared to show tasteful sex either.

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      • Part of Star Wars is the marketing to the video games and the books and the sequels. You might be the only person I know that wants Star wars to sex it up. Don’t we have enough sex in everything else? Can’t we have something that can be sex free ?

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      • Can we have something that’s violence free? That’s part of my point – the wrong sort of sex is everywhere. Star Wars manages to have violence that’s not excessive, it could include a beautiful life scene too. Sex on screen doesn’t have to be excessive either.

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      • No, it’s an honest reflection on how there’s nearly no sex in young adult movies but blood keeps flowing. Look at “Hunger Games”. I think we should find an equilibrium when less violence and more love exist even if it means sexual love. A bucket of blood is not shocking but any mention of sexual act even if very moderate is. That’s not how young adults should see life.

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      • Actually I think just the opposite I think there too few movies that don’t feature sex and most as you mentioned alot of violence. But the movies are not aim at you g audiences they are aimed at the adults because…it’s the adults who spend the money. Not everything in life should be either sex or violence or both. This sounds weird but how about a movie with out either.

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      • A movie without either could surely exist. All I’m saying is if you’re showing one there’s no reason not to show the other, especially if you do it with taste.


      • The reason I asked was because on one hand you were not thrilled that there was no sex in Star Wars but too much violence then it seemed like you changed up.


  1. Han and Leia share a couple of good kisses in The Empire Strikes Back and a good one in Return Of The Jedi. Plus, in the latter film, Leia wears a sexy slave outfit after she’s been captured by Jabba the Hutt. That said, it’s not entirely sexless in the Star Wars saga. I’ve only seen one of the prequels (The Phantom Menace) and I don’t even remember much from it. I’m much more familiar with the original trilogy than the prequels.

    The violence could have been toned down a bit from the Star Wars films. Even A New Hope has some impressive violence and gore for a PG rated film. Who can forget the scene when Luke returns home to find the burnt skeletal corpses of his aunt and uncle? Or, the scene where Obi-Wan slices off an alien’s arm with a light saber and the camera shows the sliced off arm with blood splattered around it? And, the sequels had much more violence and gore than the original film had.

    However…what concerns me is not so much the lack of sex in movies, but the lack of nudity (even non-sexual nudity) in them, unless they’re aimed specifically for adults (i.e. movies rated R or NC-17). This doesn’t concern the Star Wars films, per say…just movies in general. I think movies should tone down violence and put more nudity (not necessarily more sex, though) in them. More nudity in movies should be casual and non-sexual, rather than sexual, degrading, or obscene…and NOT restricted to adults.

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    • What’s human is human. Nudity is, sex is, violence is. And yet, we seem to accept the violent side of human beings rather than the sexual one. This is weird and unhealthy. Children and adolescence should have some moderate exposure to all. Pretending that things don’t exist doesn’t make them disappear. Making nudity and sex a taboo just makes them more interesting.


  2. I totally agree with the OP. Way to miss the point, internet. When I was a kid so much of the fiction given to me at school and generally marketed to me felt bland and lifeless and I couldn’t put my finger on it until recently. Then I gave it some thought and it occurred to me; a complete lack of organic-ness and by extension- sexuality. I think its a cultural issue and an issue of world-building coming from the cultural cringe we westerners experience when talking to kids about sexuality or anything uncomfortable. I started reading Terry Pratchett when I was little (about 11) and I got into reading big-time. His books aren’t salacious or violent. He just writes people as people, and people tend to have sex, talk about sex and live lives where they may not get married, have more than one partner and not be %100 chaste/be perfectly goodly heroes/never ever look at a boob ever. Sex is never the focus of his writing and he usually juggles themes of politics, philosophy and religious/existential questions in his work in a funny and tongue in cheek way; but sex and sexuality are present as a part of life, a fact of nature and reality in the Discworld. Neither the OP nor I demand bare bouncing titties and alien dicks in Star Wars ala GoT. What would be nice is characters having lives outside of being a jedi, sith or bounty hunter whose entire internal life and external dealings comprise solely of saving/ruining/mugging the galaxy and having a blandy old time on Spaceport Parental-Guidance once they win the day. Little slivers of organic personality and identity are given to characters outside of the films, but a more “real” world for Star Wars would make me love it more. That’s just me though. šŸ˜‰

    As a side note, I kinda did similar things to the OP as the kid. Sorta looked for sexy sex stuff in my kid stuff, then went on teh internets to satisfy my curiosity. I found fanfiction rather then porn. Fanfic isn’t much better. XP

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    • Hi there! Thank you for your comment! I was trying to click on your nickname to check out your blog but perhaps you don’t have one as there’s no linking šŸ˜¦

      I’m a HUGE fan of Pratchett. I’ve read all his Discworld novels apart from the two last ones, which I’m saving for the time when I’m ready to deal with the fact that Pratchett won’t write anything anymore… I also started to read him quite early and I agree with your observations. Pratchett makes his world very much like the normal world, sex included.

      I’m glad you’re getting my point. I think the idea behind sexless Star Wars it’s the same as behind opposing sexual education: maybe if we don’t tell kids about sex they won’t realize it exists. It’s ridiculous of course, as anyone who was ever a teenager knows that you can’t just ignore your sex drive. Rather than denying sexuality and making something factual shameful we should embrace it… Unfortunately, I don’t think such maturity will become mainstream anytime soon and what Star Wars makers want to do is to appeal to the majority of fans of the series, even if that means children seemingly coming from forehead kissing for the next few decades.


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