Love Sick



People take sick leave from work for various reasons. Depending on a person’s pain tolerance (obviously, us ladies can handle much more) one may take time off for medical reasons ranging from giving birth to an epic hangover, work-related allergies or a severe case of the man flu (aww poor baby). But how about a situation when a person called and said they were suffering from a broken heart? I doubt many bosses would accept this as a legitimate medical condition. Nope not even here in laid-back South Africa, where most people switched their brains off in preparation for Christmas on December 1st.

Sadly, unless you live in Japan (where I am told ‘heartbreak’ leave is an actual thing where people can take a time off after a bad break- up to cry it all out and return to work when one is less of a mess) calling in and telling your boss you are heart sore because some bloke dumped you isn’t going to go down to well. But seriously, why shouldn’t it? I may not be a medical doctor (or any type of doctor for that matter) but there are lots of sources out there that will back up my belief that Love Sickness is a real condition that truly does exist (and not something we just conjured up inside our fragile little minds).

According to Wiki : ‘Love Sickness refers to an informal affliction that describes negative feelings associated with rejection, unrequited love or the absence of a loved one ’

With my limited medical expertise (and with a little help from Google) I can say that the symptoms of this so-called Love Sickness varies from one person to the next and can include but is not necessarily limited to the following physical conditions: depression, nausea (been there and despite all the accusations it really wasn’t morning sickness), tearfulness (yup), insomnia, dizziness (perhaps from drowning one’s sorrows a little too much), loss of appetite (yay!!!) or overeating (nay!!!) and a general feeling of hopelessness. Yes, it does sound a little pathetic to get sick over not getting who or what you wanted and letting some obscure little person have so much control over our well being but I think there are many people out there that can relate.

And do you know what the worst thing about Love Sickness? There is no saying how long it will last and there is no magic pill that will make the pain and suffering go away. Even labour pains can’t last forever but who knows when one will recover from a broken heart (or severely bruised ego). In most cases, as they say time heals everything (or actually another love interest comes along to take our mind off things) and the Love Sickness eventually subsides but the drama queen in me does kinda believe it is possible to DIE from a broken heart (sounds quite poetic doesn’t it?).

I doubt that the world will ever recognise Love Sickness as a legitimate medical condition (and imagine the battle the HR people would have getting rid of that Ivy Woman who would forever be calling in with a broken heart just to have a new man on her arm the very next day). But for anyone out there who is physically suffering because of the stress brought on by a break-up, unrequited love or some other form of Ashley Madison style shameless behaviour, I’m here to let you know that you are most definitely not alone! We’ve all been through it and like they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (and better equipped to handle the next douche bag that comes along)..

Alrighty Rinsers. Tell us in the comments below – have you ever suffered from Love Sickness? How did you get over it? Is the best way to avoid falling prey to this disease to avoid love/dating/romantic relations of any sort  all together and become a Sad Spinster? Or are you a disbeliever that thinks Love Sickness is just a silly excuse for people to wallow in self-pity?    


  1. Agreed. As bad a love sickness can get I think it’s actually just part of the highs and lows on human relations. I’d choose love sickness over the permanent sadness of spinsterhood. 😉


  2. Hi there,
    I had to give this some thought after reading your post on my blog. At first glance it was a little off-topic for a Zombie Microfiction: then I remembered what I had been writing about for the last few weeks.
    Yes, I think it should be a medical condition. Thank you very much for your comment, though. MoA

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  3. I don’t know. I am actually on the fence because its taken me over two years to get over it and I nearly killed myself over it. I know dumb but at the time the pain was excruciating and I wouldn’t wish that type of pain on my worse enemy. Now that I am in the acceptance stage, I have to say I am glad I went through it because it taught me a lot about people but more importantly it taught me about myself and gave me strength that I didn’t think I had. So I dunno. I guess I would have to say everyone should go through it to learn something from it but I would just hope it wouldn’t bring them to thoughts of suicide because its hard to get out once you’re there.

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    • Eek. Some cases are pretty bad. I think in the initial stages it’s good to have distractions even if they are not always the best (boozing with friends or dating like there’s no tomorrow). You do what you have to do to get through the day. But like you say, eventually it’s about acceptance. After you’ve analysed the situation from every angle I think eventually realise humans are unpredictable and while we all have 20/20 hindsight noone has a time machine so all that’s left is to move forward, be glad we survived the ordeal and try to avoid making the same mistakes….

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  4. I think emotional pain can be as acute as physical one and the research supports that. Often it’s even worse because it’s taking so much longer to disappear. Unfortunately I find people underestimate this sort of experiences when it comes to others. Their own break-up is the worst thing in the universe but when it happens to you they think you’re exaggerating. Empathy is a quality yet to be developed so that a “heartbreak leave” or even just more understanding could become reality.

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    • Totally agree. And it’s also horrible because at some point you might be doing really well and then some episode will trigger you off and all those horrible feelings come back. It does help to have empathetic friends … you need to be careful who you share your feelings with though, because sometimes their judgement and eye-rolling will end up making you feel even worse.


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