Love @ Christmas Time – Love Actually


Christmas is very hard for some people like singletons and expat orphans. When bombarded with happy clappy couples/families bragging about their plans for the Jesus’ b’day and the epic gifts that they’ve bought for their loved ones – you can’t really blame the singletons/loners for being cynical and wanting to pewk in their mouths. But it’s exactly for this reason we need somewhat soppy Xmas movies like Love Actually to restore our faith in humanity.

For those of you that have been living in a cave for the past decade let me quickly summarise the storyline. It basically consists of a bunch of interconnected stories that look at the complexities of everyone’s favourite emotion, namely, LOVE. Oh and it’s set in London (a place where they have a real Christmas spirit and don’t spend the day tanning on the beach like we do here in the Mother City).

While haters might criticise Love Actually for being cheesy and idealistic (I mean wouldn’t it be awesome if Hugh Grant was PM instead of posh-boy Cameron) but I’d like to say a few words in defence of the movie. Yes it’s cheesy but I think it also touches on many of the less fairytale aspects of LOVE in the 21st century. For example, it starts with Colin Firth, Mr Darcy himself, discovering his wife is having sexual relations with his brother. Oh, and it wouldn’t be realistic without there being one old guy having an ‘affair’ with his hot young secretary. It doesn’t just stop at the Ashley-Madison types, but also shows you what happens to men that squander their youth playing the field – they become lonely old Z-list celebrities who have nobody to spend Christmas with other than their overweight manager. And then there is the couple that fall in ‘love’ while working together in a porno (well they do say people often meet the significant other at work).

On the happier side of things, the movie is full of people doing epic things in the name of love. Colin Firth’s love for his rebound girl leads to him taking Portuguese lessons just to propose to her (yup, he moved on pretty quickly). Then there is a little bit on unrequited love thrown in for good measure – the semi-stalker guy who is secretly in love with his best friend’s wife. Finally, my personal favourite storyline – Colin (funny dude who plays the eldest son from My Family) who’s having no success with the ladies in the UK, travels to the US to find that the women just fall at his feet. I can totally relate to this having had many of my Tinder boys telling me that they only swiped right because they wanted to hear my sexy Brit accent (idiots – I wonder if they’d be feeling so smug if I turned out to be a Scouser or a Geordie!).

Oh, and of course, Love Actually features one of the best airport chase scenes ever 😀

So, if you are feeling bleak (or just fancy perving on Mr Darcy) this festive season watch/re-watch Love Actually. I promise it’ll make you feel better and show that LOVE doesn’t have to always be conventional.

Now Dear Rinsers, you’ve probably all seen Love Actually so share your views in the comments below. Is it too far-fetched or do you think it is actually quite reflective of the real life challenges people face when it comes to love?


  1. Agree with you its not easy being single at Xmas. In some sense it can be worse than Valentine’s Day because of the loooong build up. It’s my first real xmas without my ex. But after quite a long year of soul searching I am finally realising that I well and truly dodged a bullet.

    Still, one of the best things about xmas are the movies and this is one of my faves. Bit unrealistic but when isn’t it in the movies! And I love the scene where he is at the door pretending to be carol singers 🙂

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  2. I love this movie and other Richard Curtis written films like Notting Hill and Bridget Jones Diary. Amazing London locations. Hugh Grant. I do adore him. It’s just a lovely, normal film, nothing much happens but it draws you in, makes me laugh with relate able characters.

    I think the most touching story is the Laura Linney’s story who keeps postponing Love. Her life really. She finally takes a chance on the guy she has a crush on at work. But then puts her responsibilities of looking after her mentally ill brother first. She was the only one that didn’t get her happy ending. She wasn’t even in the last scene where everyone is happy and found love. I think that story line was written in to say we all don’t get our happy endings. While all this comedy and romance and cheesiness is happening there’s this that there are people that feel they shouldn’t love because its a distraction from responsibilities.

    I uncovered a deleted scene recently on Youtube. Another sad story that was completely cut from the film. An older lesbian couple. One was the school mistress of Emma Thompson’s son. At work she is strict, but she comes home to her partner who is terminally ill in bed where they are coupley. She dies.

    Anyway, I get do get swooped in the love of alot of movies. Love Actually is one of them.

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