Felicity – The Over-Thinker


According to a dear friend of mine, I needed to watch this 90s throwback series as I am apparently very much like the main character, Felicity Porter (well when you all the drama, including car crashes, house break-ins and broken hearted Tinder boys that I attract into my own life I really do think a series called #englishrosiee would make for really good prime time TV).

Anyways, this somewhat dated series starts with this bookish, slightly awkward chick. Felicity flipping her life plans around and chasing her ‘dream’ man Ben Covington to New York based on some stupid comment he wrote in her year book (yeah, yeah … clutching at straws and New York isn’t really deepest darkest Africa, so my story beats her).

While Felicity is not necessarily the most gripping TV series known to man, it is strangely addictive. I think this is mainly because people warm to the main character – Felicity is the typical good girl who chases that troubled pet-project bad boy. Viewers get to watch as Felicity manouveres her way through university life and deals with all the conventional young girl relationship issues such as her best friend going after her man thus becoming a frenemy, stalking guys she likes (remember this is the pre-Facebook era so she actually has to go trawl through paper documents) and generally realising life isn’t all hearts and flowers but is instead full of cheaters, beaters and mummy boys. The main thing about Felicity is that she likes to over-analyze everything, weigh up the pros and cons of her actions (and send voice recordings about her life troubles to her ex-French tutor) and form all these deep meaningful connections with men.

However, what I think what the brains behind the series are trying to get at in their portrayal of Felicity is that when it comes to love, relationships and such while it’s good to put some thought thing (as in not acting on your animalistic instincts alone) – even the best thought-out schemes won’t necessarily go to plan. And that’s totally OK because sometimes you just need to go with it.

Basically, what Felicity learns through her first year at university are that human beings are strange, volatile creatures. There are times when you know a person inside out or have spent months psycho-analysing them, but chances are somewhere along the line they’ll act unpredictably. I’m not saying we shouldn’t trust people (because then you’ll just end up a Sad Spinster and we wouldn’t want that) but just understand that relationships aren’t ever going to be static (and that’s part of the fun).

What the series shows is that not everything is meant to last forever but that doesn’t mean it’s pointless and unnecessary. Sometimes one doesn’t need to spend forever and day deciding when the best panty-dropping time is (Felicity ends up giving up her V-Card to a random despite basically writing a PhD on how the moment should pan out). Sometimes it’s OK to do something for the hell of it. It may not necessarily be a good thing, but it might teach a valuable life lesson and some much needed life experience.

Over to you Rinsers… Have you seen this series? What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a waste of time over-thinking matters of the heart ? And is sometimes better to just go with things and deal with the consequences later?


  1. What is one of the consequences is a pregnancy? Or a sexually transmitted disease? That is the consequence of just going with things and deal with it later. It is life changing consequences, so maybe in this day and age of instant yeah that sounds good it isn’t such a bad idea to stop and think things through before we make a mistake that we end up regretting.


  2. I think those are quite basic concerns though…using protection doesn’t really require a great deal of thought or analysis, unless you are a Brit chav who is looking to get knocked up so you can get money from the welfare state, then obviously contraception is a MUST.

    Felicity is generally over-thinking more on an emotional level…about whether people’s feelings are going to get hurt, or even her own feelings on the matter, etc. Like me, she is always looking for meaningful relationships….I’m just starting to think that maybe not everything has to have a huge significance in a persons life. Not every relationship needs to drag on for decades, sometimes even a short-term fling can have a purpose.


  3. Oh, how beautiful Ben Covington was! Those eyes and that smile!

    Okay, I know that is not the point of your post. You present a point for consideration: wanting meaning in a relationship! So I am obviously a big proponent of doing what you want and not judging yourself for human needs; however, it is possible that my view of relationships is a bit consumeristic,and the bad kind that has you hating your clothes that you loved the previous season. Like a materialistic view that you are predisposed to be unsatisfied quickly with, and want an upgrade. Haha! Maybe I am shopping at the 5cent store, instead of directly from a designer boutique!

    Huh, meaning in a relationship… It sure gets me thinking!

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  4. Ha! I’m actually reading a book about the Man Deficit. The main argument is that the odds are in favor of the man. Basically educated women outnumber educated men…hence the need to shop at the 5 cent store. Even if we visit the designer boutique the shelves will probably be empty by now 😦 Its the sad reality. Time to settle?


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