Book Review : This is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz

This is How You Lose Her - Junot Diaz

I’d seen a few good reviews of this book on my social media networks so I decided it be a useful read for the purposes of this blog (I hope our Readers understand the love and dedication we put in for your entertainment). The book consists of a bunch of short stories about the Latino community in New Jersey. All but one of these, focuses on one character, Yunior de la Casas, at different stages of his life and shows how different influences have shaped him into a chauvinist pig and eternal mama’s boy (ok, it’s a little bit more complex that, but you see where I am going).

Despite the strange writing style and the weird mix of Spanglish slang and poetic highbrow speak (Yunior goes from being ghetto fabulous to becoming a pervy university professor at Harvard…we aren’t really given the details of how this happens but it’s not the point anyway), the book gives us an interesting insight into the hopelessness of being an immigrant in the USA (it seems like sex is the only thing some of the characters have to look forward too).

Yunior also shares some thoughts about this whole immigrant mentality and how people are very conscious about race and are keen to play their strange ethnic fantasies (seems like between Yunior, his brother and his father they’ve probably worked their way around the world in terms of the chicks they’ve done). The book also covers topics such as dating elders from the male perspective (while some of us young ladies like those silver foxes, Yunior tells us about his experiences with Ms Lora, his cougar-licious high school teacher. Naught naughty)

All in all, the picture painted here is pretty bleak. All of the men are philanderers and all of the female characters are portrayed as worthless sex objects that can be used and abused by these foolish fools. However, it does make you realise that while at times in our lives we feel that these bad boys have it good, jumping from one girl to the next, breaking hearts and humiliating women wherever they go, that in reality there are some deep-seated issues that account for (but don’t justify) their philandering ways. In the end, it’s not the poor chicks that got cheated on that are the losers, it’s the player who actually lives a very meaningless existence because they are never satisfied.

So while I didn’t think it was the best book ever written (maybe it would be better if I read it alongside a Spanish dictionary), it’s an easy enough read, and I believe it would be especially useful for those Ashley Madison types 😉  In fact, all the blokes should go read it as guide on what not to do in life.


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