Love and Romance in “The Sopranos”

SopranosI was a bit (ok, ok, really) slow with starting watching “The Sopranos” and I only got into the series years after its actual release (must be a thing we do here at #rinsebeforeuse it happened to us with Looking, Jane the Virgin and Girls). Six years of the famous mafia series was a decent look into how love and romance work in the gangster Italian American community.

The gangster world presented in the series is full of tough men and big boys. They shy away from showing their emotions and even though it leads them to trouble (the main character, Tony, ends up in therapy after severe panic attacks) they believe that’s the only way a man should be not the be. Of course, a “real” man has to prove his status with a beautiful lady by his side. A wife or a fiancée is a must there, but she’s not enough and in the work of Sopranos cheating is on rise. Prostitutes, strippers but also just normal eye candies they have affairs with – the series is full of them. I would maybe think that it’s a harmful vision of the the Italian culture if I hadn’t lived in Sicily for a while where in the normal world extracurricular romance seemed to be not only widely spread but also socially accepted. In 6 seasons of “The Sopranos” there’s only one character who remains faithful.

I spoke about the men in the series but how are the women who accept such behaviors? The mafia ladies, unlike the kept women, take pride in their households. They cook, they take care of children, the only thing they don’t do is cleaning as they have Polish maids to do so (who speak obviously fake Polish which sounds so bad that you start asking yourself whether they’re not mentally challenged). Some of them try to work but it’s not encouraged by their men . In general they lead pleasant lives, with the big price to pat for it. As Tony puts it to his wife who makes him a scene for yet another affair of his she discovers, she knew “the deal” when she was marrying him. The cheating is just to be accepted.

There’s a lot of traditional, conservative and let’s be honest, sexist portrayl of love and romance in “The Sopranos”. However, it’s not all there is. One of the Italian-Americans, Tony’s psychiatrist, is eye candy too but one that has a career and enters more modern and equal relationships. There’s even a gay theme in the series, a tragic story of a closeted mobster who i
s a part of the world that cannot accept him as he questions the limiting idea of masculinity it adheres to.

“The Sopranos” is a great series that’s definitely worth watching and if someone is a fan of gangster vibes like me, they honestly can’t miss it.

Have you seen the series, Dear Reader? What are your opinions on the show?


  1. wow you’re real late on tuning in on this show. This has been off the air for years, but I will say …you can enjoy the whole show from the start without having to wait ti find out what happens next. The show depicts what life is like for mobsters and it isn’t as glamorous like they show in the movies, it’s a juggling act of knowing what you do is illegal and not getting pinched and knowing how to balancing your family with the other family and not have to two merge together. I admit I didn’t watch ever single episode of theshow I did enjoy watching it. I wish they would have continued the run just alittle bit longer…


    • I miar say I quite enjoy watching series when they’ve been already released on DVD and when my watching can be “on demand” and not limited to one episode weekly. I’ve watched every single episodes. I’m quite happy where the show ended and enjoyed the open ending. Did you like it? I know it caused apt of controversy.


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