Intimate Hair Removal: Hollywood and Co


One of the demons of human biology is unwanted body hair, including the pubes. Would life not be easier if we didn’t have them at all? The evolutionary protection of our precious genitals is a nuisance in the modern world which prefers us hairless. One may of course argue the need for the hair removal and call it an unnecessary aesthetic treatment but the adherence to the culturally driven phenomenon makes (many of) us feel more comfortable in the bedroom.

When we decide to get rid of hair “down there”, the question of how to do it still remains. I guess a natural first attempt at controlling the bushiness of our intimate area is shaving. Cheap and reasonably quick, it unfortunately has many drawbacks. The hair grows back quickly, the area gets itchy and not pleasant for the eye. Plus, what always freaks me out the most is that there’s a risk of hurting ourselves. In short, shaving works but is not a perfect method.

One of the alternatives is using hair removal creams. I have no experience with this particular method. My research suggests that its effects last slightly longer than shaving, but at the same time it’s more expensive. There’s also epilating which I tried once because it worked quite well for my legs, and boy, oh boy, I regretted the experiment quite deeply.

The method I find the best is wax. The first time I went for “a Brazilian” it hurt like hell and I was embarrassed to get undressed in front of a stranger who was supposed to take care of my most private business. However, I realized that similarly as my gyni, my beautician is a professional and she won’t be impressed by dealing with yet another vagina. Additionally, waxing hurts less every time as it makes hair get thinner. At a price ranging from 100 to 300 rand, depending on your service provider and whether you want it all out (Hollywood), with a stripe left (Brazilian) or with a slightly narrowed jungle (Bikini), it isn’t too expensive for a monthly treatment. A big flaw is the last week before your next session when you’re already quite hairy but your hair is too short for the next waxing.

Last but not least, there’s the ultimate solution – the laser treatment. It’s supposed to last you forever, even though I’ve heard about cases of hair coming back years after the procedure. It can be quite pricey but if you get a good deal and hunt a special you’ll end up paying close to what you pay for wax. I’m quite freaked out at the thought of the treatment, though and I find it quite intrusive even if according to research my fear is ungrounded.

Now, it’s time for you Dear Reader, to tell me what is your preferred method of hair removal. Or maybe you don’t think it should be done at all? 


  1. I get anxious thinking about this. But the things we do for beauty (or panty dropping), hey? I hope these (non-existent in my case) boys appreciate the suffering we go through. And all the while, they get to grow hipster-style beards as hairy as a bear in a trend for the blokes 🙂


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