Getting To Know Us…

We are just a couple of single twenty-something European girls manoeuvring our way around the Cape Town dating scene. We’ll be blogging about dating, men, love and eventually finding our Prince Charmings (we hope) because if we don’t laugh about everything we’re experiencing we’ll cry. We don’t like to cry.

Also secretly we’d like to be famous writers and we wouldn’t mind if this project helped us to get there. In order to maintain the privacy of the characters we meet on our adventures we’ll be decent enough to use pseudonyms.

And if you’re wondering where the name of the blog comes from, our dictionary says that to “rinse before use” means : to allow a traditional version of courting in which a man chases a woman before she decides to grace him (or not) with her full affection. In other words, LET THEM PAY.


ZlotyBaby - RinseBeforeUseI come from a country where cows give milk, the grass is green and the sky is blue (pol. gdzie panieńskim rumieńcem dzięcielina pała).I moved here and found exactly the same thing. Now I’m forced to speak English every day, people mock my accent and often ask me whether I’m a stripper.

On the bright side, in my homeland I was simply attractive, educated and smart. Here I’m also exotic. You may have noted that I’m full of myself but deep inside I’m just a little girl who wants to be loved. You can shed a tear now. When it comes to my dating history there have been many bad boys and one bad fiancé, followed by over-corrections. I wonder myself what’s coming next.


englishrosieWell, believe it or not, it was actually love that brought me all the way from good ol’ Blighty to the Mother City. In this hopeless place where there are eight women to every man this English Rose managed to snag herself a hot Saffa (albeit temporarily). That little love affair lasted half a decade and like all good things came to a rather abrupt end. So here I am, a newly single girl, left to fend for herself in deepest darkest Africa.

I am a bit of an old fashioned romantic (call me a prude if you will) looking for my Mr Darcy (with a bit of Christian Grey thrown in for good measure). I am well aware that I am likely going to have to kiss a whole bunch of frogs before I find my Prince so I am determined to provide y’all with some good LOLs as I work my way through the single male population of Cape Town.


  1. Really hilarious! You’re right if we cannot laugh about it, flip, I think we’ll want to shoot ourselves or something like that. Of course, rather take it with a good dose of humour. Love the attitude gals and all the best for your blogging – maybe turn it into a book after you have enough posts. It’ll sure be entertaining.

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